Welcome to Nugget’s Crypto Community

Thanks for joining Nugget’s Crypto Community, where you can access exclusive Member’s Only content and join myself and other members in our Facebook Group where we discuss all the latest news, insights, trade ideas and more. I also broadcast members only live videos and other video content in the Facebook Group, but if you’re not a fan of Facebook Groups then we also post all member videos in the Members Area. Please be sure to read the Community Guidelines below and follow the instructions for joining the NCC. Can’t wait to have you onboard!


How to Join the Nugget’s Crypto Community

Step 1: Message the Nugget’s News Facebook page requesting access to the NCC Facebook discussion group. Include your Order ID.

Step 2: A Nugget’s News team member will validate your membership within one business day (AET) and invite you to the NCC Facebook discussion group.

Community Guidelines

1. Always respect other Nugget’s Crypto Community (NCC) members.

Abuse or harassment of any kind may result in instant removal from the NCC.

2. Ensure your question or topic has not been discussed before.

Prior to posting, use the Facebook group’s search bar to check that there are no previous posts related to your question or topic. There’s a decent chance your question or topic has been addressed previously.

3. Always seek to provide value to other members.

Provide your opinion and/or analysis when posting. This discussion platform is intended to be a place for members to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and analysis. If you’re seeking an opinion on a chart, for example, ensure you: [i] attach a screenshot and/or link to the chart, [ii] share your interpretation, and [iii] ask members for their take.

4. Posts such as “Thoughts on…” will be deleted.

This ensures posts remain valuable and promote constructive discussion for all. If you want a perspective from the community on a certain topic, either: [i] search through prior NCC discussion for a similar post (i.e., guideline #2) and comment accordingly, or [ii] publish a new post—in which you provide your thoughts or analysis—and ask members for their take.

5. Do not share NCC-specific content with non-members.

Information provided in the group is for paying NCC members only and must not be shared. Permission is required from Nugget’s News to share content.


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