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Fred Schebesta Co-Founder & CEO,

“I love how real Alex is. He just tells you straight exactly what you need to know about crypto and it just makes sense. Alex is the kind of guy you wished all your teachers at university were like. He is passionate and wants to help you, and you learn what you need to know.”

Dr Prash Puspanathan Founder & CEO, Caleb & Brown

“Alex has been stalwart of the Crypto community in Australia for as far back as I can remember and importantly one has been as vocal, supportive and present not only during the good times but also through the difficult months. He has always showed a commitment to exploring not just the most topical issues but also the more obscure and thought provoking. His standing in the community is evident in his loyal follower base as well as the partnerships with key stakeholders in the industry; relationships that stand him in good authority to comment on issues as they arise.”

Dave Martin Co-Founder & Director, Power Ledger

“I like Nugget’s News because there’s no hype. Just Alex’s informed opinion and insight on the crypto space. If you want an inside view into the blockchain and crypto industries, some news on practical applications of this emerging tech and a considered opinion on what it all means, Alex is your man.”

Who is Alex Saunders?

Hi, I’m Alex (Nugget) Saunders, Founder of Nugget’s News. I help busy everyday people like yourself stay ahead of the herd and become successful investors.

I’ve been immersed in the crypto space since learning of Bitcoin in 2012. My investment decisions are informed by a unique combination of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as market sentiment indicators.

In 2017, I left my successful career as a head pharmacist to follow my passion and found Nugget’s News. In the time since, I’ve established a loyal following through my educational YouTube channel and Nugget’s Crypto Community.

Whether it’s speaking at community meetups, sitting on the board of Blockchain Australia, educating policymakers, or helping blockchain startups, I’ve grown to cherish my role as a trusted voice in Australia’s budding crypto community. 


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Bitcoin’s price is soaring and everyone wants to know whether it’s too late to buy the in-demand cryptocurrency. Today, I address this question by explaining market cycles in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (i.e., altcoins).

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In this documentary we will explain the systemic changes that have taken place in recent years that have now put Australia’s banks, property market & economy at risk of a financial crisis or economic collapse of some description.

We look at a range of statistics from the banking industry, construction sector, government & housing markets to predict what might be ahead for Australia. With real estate prices weakening across the country, are we heading into recession or is Australia’s economic future still bright.



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