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Marius Johannes Van Staaten

Alex @Nuggets News is a straight shooter telling it how it is via his own professional opinion with a proven track record of finding great projects. There is no one else I’d rather jump down the cypto rabbit hole with. Alex give a great range of topics and explains every episode for any level of knowledge to understand, and points people to heaps of free resources to help anyone learn more. Don’t miss the weekly macro/crypto news each Sunday night for the best financial and crypto updates anywhere in the world!

Craig Carrier

In a crypto world of relentless shilling, pumping and dumping it was a relief to find Alex and the Nugget’s community. After 3 months of searching it was like finding an oasis of solid advice and a community that were not afraid to challenge ideas and share information. Even as a latecomer to the group I am enjoying success I haven’t had before. Highly recommended.

Sam Maio

Like many people I was left a bit jaded after getting burnt in the 2018 crash. After finding nuggets news I realised I was far from alone. Nuggets group helped me revitalise my interest in the Crypto space and gave me proactive steps on how to better my understanding of the market as a whole, and its place within the macro environment. Nugget and his team are always straight forward and humble, never pandering towards the brand of hype or shills seen from many online Crypto personalities.

Jamie Burt

Nugget’s News has quickly become one of my main channels to receive informed, unbiased & high-quality analysis of the economy and markets. Alex cuts through all the noise and gets straight to the most important information. In a world full of hype, Nugget’s stands out by keeping it real. It has been such an important part of my financial journey. Highly recommend Nugget’s News!

Peter Ivers

I have been with the Nuggets News team for around 12 months, being in my senior years and only previously trading stocks mainly buy and hold strategy. Now i find myself confronting the constant jargon and speed of crypto cycles and macro information, being with Alex and his team has definitely assisted in increasing my knowledge base. what i appreciate most is that Alex is able to filter and condense the information into a form that enables me to make confident crypto decisions.

Jakub Wijata

I was always very interested in Macro economics, that is how I managed to find the channel. However I stayed for the wealth of information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I can safely say that Alex is the best crypto podcast host i have seen on YT. The Nugget’s teams unbiased and well thought analysis of the markets and projects made me a loyal fan, Nugget’s ‘stralian accent and delivery made him stand out of the crowd, above other youtubers with the likes of Anthony Pompliano. It is also what I tell to all my friends and family members that are truly interested in crypto and macro economics. Neither them or I are disappointed with the channel’s content. That is why I decided that I also wanted a sneak peak behind the curtains and bought the membership. Cheers!

Joshua Coulston

I have been fascinated by cryptocurrency and digital assets for years, but I had never been able to find a suitable entry point, until I found the Nugget’s News YouTube channel.

Nuggets News does a great job of highlighting all the most exciting developments in cryptocurrency and the broader world of financial markets, as well as showcasing some of the most interesting crypto projects, both new and old.

I highly recommend Nuggets News for their high quality, well researched content, which is presented with genuine enthusiasm for the projects and products they cover.

Brian Crane

Falling down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole in early January 2020, I quickly scrambled for the best content sources to consume the from plethora of information on the subject, and finding the Nugget’s News Youtube Channel early in my investigations was nothing short of a stroke of good fortune.

Several new videos are posted weekly with a comprehensive overview of everything that affects investors, from precious metals and commodities, to the bleeding-edge of the world of cryptocurrencies.

If there were only one source I had time to consume on cryptocurrencies it would definitely be Alex Saunders’ thorough and concise videos about this emergent technology/ecosystem, because of his insight, intelligence, and integrity.

Cathy English

The ethics and integrity of Alex and the content on Nuggets News first appealed to me. Alex is committed to empowering people to better understand cryptocurrency and the finance world at large. As a total novice, I find the content pretty easy to engage with and there are heaps of resources available via the website to help. I love the inclusive, “we actually care about people” vibe. Thanks

David Orro

Nuggets News is a great resource and even better community of crypto enthusiasts. Alex via his channel has helped make sense of what is a seriously complex space. He consistently releases new and insightful content and is very interactive with his followers. After losing faith in crypto back in early 2018, I’ve found myself far more confident this time around by learning and following the principles outlined by Alex.

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