Watch Nugget’s News, Win $50 in Sats Thanks to Wallet of Satoshi

Nugget’s News has recently started giving away AU$50 worth of bitcoin every week to one special fan of the Nugget’s News YouTube channel. This has been made possible thanks to Australia’s leading Bitcoin Lightning Network solution, Wallet of Satoshi.

Launched earlier this year, Wallet of Satoshi is a mobile app—available on iOS and Android—that lets you send and receive payments over Lightning. For those unaware, the Lightning Network is essentially a decentralised system for instant, high-volume bitcoin micropayments. Long touted as a potential solution for Bitcoin’s scalability issues, the Lightning Network continues to grow with each and every activation of a network node and payment channel.

Wallet of Satoshi recently achieved a significant milestone when one of its users made the 100,000th Lightning payment of all Wallet of Satoshi users since the app’s launch. People are using Wallet of Satoshi to do all sorts of things, be it paying bills or withdrawing Australian dollars with Living Room of Satoshi; spending through any online venues listed on Lightning Network Stores; or paying for goods and services at one of Australia’s 400-plus Lightning-friendly merchants.

We’re hoping that everybody gets a taste of what Lightning is all about, especially those who haven’t tried it yet. Lightning is an amazing technology which has been difficult to use in the past—but Wallet of Satoshi changes that, making it simple for anyone to get started. – Daniel Alexiuc (CEO, Living Room of Satoshi)

Because the size of transactions on the Lightning Network tend to be rather small, it is common to see values expressed in satoshis instead of bitcoin. A satoshi—or ‘sat’ for short—is the smallest denomination of bitcoin and is the equivalent of 0.00000001 bitcoin. Saying something costs 450 sats, for example, is the same as saying something costs 0.00000450 bitcoin.

Now that you’ve got the Lightning lingo down pat and know about Wallet of Satoshi’s fast-growing app, it’s time for you to learn how to enter Nugget’s News’ weekly giveaway of AU$50 worth of sats.

Luckily for you, it really isn’t hard to enter. In fact, there are only two steps you need to complete in order to be eligible! Firstly, watch any new video on the Nugget’s News YouTube channel—there’s a handful uploaded each week. Secondly, post a comment on any of these new Nugget’s News videos with a timestamp of your favourite part.

To find out if you’re the lucky winner—which is selected at random—be sure to tune in to Alex’s weekly market update, which is uploaded to the Nugget’s News YouTube channel every Sunday evening (AEST). Winners will also be announced across on Nugget’s News’ social media channels—scroll to the bottom of our home page for links.

Since the beginning, Nugget’s News has been about accelerating the use and adoption of cryptocurrency—something Lightning promises to do. Wallet of Satoshi is at the front lines introducing more and more people to Lightning via its user-friendly app and I can’t wait for Nugget’s News’ viewers to discover how simple it is to spend sats! – Alex Saunders (CEO, Nugget’s News)

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