Wallet of Satoshi – World’s 1st User Friendly Lightning Wallet

For a long time now, TravelbyBit and Living Room of Satoshi have been quietly working on something very special that is set to benefit the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. The beta release of their new Bitcoin Lightning Wallet – Wallet of Satoshi.

The development of the Bitcoin Lightning Network has been progressing throughout 2018 with the number of channels and capacity of the network growing 100-fold in that time. But, as with any new technology, the key to success is user adoption which is only achieved with a superior technology that provides a simple and seamless user experience.

Daniel Alexiuc, CEO at Living Room of Satoshi

Daniel Alexiuc of Living Room of Satoshi explains, ”Wallet of Satoshi is designed to be the world’s simplest Lightning wallet. We want everyone and their Mum to be able to participate in the new international economy, so it is focused on ease of use, and is available on iOS and Android.”

iOS homepage

The lightning network is a huge step forward for Bitcoin which has previously been slow and at times expensive. By using lightning network and Wallet of Satoshi it greatly reduces transaction fees and wait times for those using Bitcoin as a method of payment.

”Lightning is the real world retail payment system we’ve been anticipating for years, and it is finally here! It’s extremely fast and cheap, it scales, and it uses Bitcoin, the most secure international currency the world has ever seen.”, Daniel said

Android payment received screen

Leading the merchant adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of payment in Australia is TravelbyBit who recently received investment from leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance to accelerate development and adoption of the new technology. Their BNB token is already used Australia wide within the point of sale system. Lightning payments will be available immediately at all merchants using TravelbyBit in Australia, including Brisbane International Airport.

Caleb Yeoh Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of TravelbyBit

“Wallet of Satoshi and TravelbyBit are working to encourage Lightning Network adoption and they need your help and support. If you are in Brisbane Airport try making a purchase using the Lightning Network and tweet it to show the world Australia is leading the way with this technology.”, said TravelbyBit Co-founder Caleb Yeoh.

The new wallet is in beta testing phase and is only available to the first 1000 users. Click to download on both iOS and Android.

The first full public version will likely be available in the coming weeks.

Alex Saunders, Founder of Nugget’s News

Alex Saunders, Founder of Nugget’s News, “Our mission has always been to accelerate the use and adoption of cryptocurrency and it’s extremely exciting to see this all come together. TravelbyBit and Wallet of Satoshi are pioneers in this space and we are delighted to see them reach this milestone”

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