Where to Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies With AUD—Australia

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Live in Australia and want to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) with Australian dollars (AUD)? Below, we at Nugget’s News highlight our recommended Australian crypto exchanges, brokers, and payment gateways. The list has been ordered alphabetically.

Sign up to these crypto exchanges, brokers, and payment gateways if you’re after a simple way to buy popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ethereum’s ETH token. To help, we’ve put ‘Exchange’, ‘Broker’, and ‘Payment Gateway’ in brackets next to each recommendation. (Learn about crypto exchanges and crypto brokers.)

Ainslie Wealth (Broker)

Ainslie Wealth is one of Australia’s largest over-the-counter dealers of cryptocurrency and precious metals bullion. Established in 1974, Ainslie has earned a reputation for secure, competitive, and honest dealings. More on Ainslie Wealth.

Ainslie Wealth crypto broker

Binance (Exchange)

Binance is a world-leading crypto exchange. On Binance, Australians can buy bitcoin and Ethereum’s ether with AUD. This is possible thanks to Banxa, a fiat-to-crypto gateway solution. AUD payment methods include credit and debit cards, POLi, cash deposits, Australia post office, and vouchers.

Binance crypto exchange

Binance Lite (Broker)

Binance Lite is an AUD-to-bitcoin brokerage service. You can buy bitcoin on Binance Lite by depositing AUD via POLi Internet Banking. You can also deposit cash at a network of over 1,300 supported newsagents across Australia. Binance Lite is not part of the Binance crypto exchange.

Binance Lite Australia crypto broker

blueshyft (Payment Gateway)

The blueshyft platform allows you to buy bitcoin with AUD over the counter in any one of over 1,400 local stores in Australia. These retailers—equipped with an in-store blueshyft iPad—provide a physical interaction point for you to scan your previously generated unique QR code. You then pay the retailer AUD. Moments later, your blueshyft account is credited with the amount you selected earlier on your blueshyft app.

blueshyft crypto broker

Caleb & Brown (Broker)

Caleb & Brown is an award-winning crypto brokerage registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). The Caleb & Brown team specialise in high-volume trading of cryptocurrencies in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100 million. Verified Caleb & Brown clients can buy up to $2 million in cryptocurrency daily, prior to bank deposit clearance. More about Caleb & Brown. Watch Nugget’s News’ interview with Caleb & Brown.

Caleb & Brown crypto broker

CoinJar (Exchange)

Designed for experienced traders, CoinJar Exchange is an advanced crypto exchange that supports high-frequency, low-latency execution. CoinJar Exchange is built to execute trades with speed and agility, faster than any other crypto exchange in Australia.

CoinJar Exchange crypto Australia

CoinSpot (Exchange)

CoinSpot is one of Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Optimised for newcomers of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, CoinSpot can be accessed from multiple devices and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.

CoinSpot exchange logo

Easy Crypto (Broker)

Easy Crypto is a crypto brokerage service whose aim is to create an easy and safe way for you to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency asset class. Easy Crypto—which charges a flat fee of 1%—supports the buying and selling of over 40 cryptocurrencies.

Easy Crypto broker

HiveEx (Broker)

HiveEx is a global over-the-counter brokerage service. HiveEx enjoys strong partnerships with top-tier crypto liquidity providers, high-frequency traders, funds, and market makers. This lets them source internationally sharp pricing across over 50 crypto-to-crypto and AUD-to-crypto pairs. More about HiveEx. Watch Nugget’s News’ interview with HiveEx.

HiveEx crypto broker

Independent Reserve (Exchange)

Another of Australia’s oldest and most reliable crypto exchanges, Independent Reserve is super easy to navigate. Australian residents may be eligible for a so-called FastTrack account. If you open a FastTrack account, Independent Reserve gives you instant access to deposit funds and trade.

Independent Reserve crypto exchange

Crypto Exchanges, Brokers & Nugget’s News

In this guide, we linked to the homepage of the Binance, CoinJar Exchange, CoinSpot, and Independent Reserve websites. The links used were affiliate links that Binance, CoinJar Exchange, CoinSpot, and Independent Reserve set up for Nugget’s News. Please note, signing up with this affiliate link doesn’t affect your account or experience with any of these.

If you want to sign up to Binance, CoinJar Exchange, CoinSpot, and/or Independent Reserve but don’t wish to use Nugget’s News’ affiliate link, please visit their homepages: Binance, CoinJar Exchange, CoinSpot, and/or Independent Reserve.

Crypto Brokers & Nugget’s News

In this guide, we linked to our Ainslie Wealth, Caleb & Brown, and HiveEx partner pages. If you live in Australia and use the services of Ainslie Wealth, Caleb & Brown, and/or HiveEx, you can enjoy discounted prices by following the instructions on the corresponding Nugget’s News partner pages.

If you want to use the crypto brokerage services of Ainslie Wealth, Caleb & Brown, and/or HiveEx but don’t wish to receive a discount courtesy of Nugget’s News, please head to the Ainslie Wealth, Caleb & Brown, and/or HiveEx homepage.

For those Australians looking to sell, read our guide on where to sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for AUD in Australia.

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