Trezor is a highly secure crypto hardware wallet product developed by SatoshiLabs. When you buy cryptocurrency, it’s strongly recommended you send them to a crypto hardware wallet so that you become the only person who can access your cryptocurrency. Learn all about the Trezor wallet device by reading below.

About Trezor

SatoshiLabs released the Trezor hardware wallet all the way back in January 2014, making it the world’s first crypto hardware wallet. People from all over the world buy Trezor wallets to securely receive, store and send cryptocurrencies.

Trezor Features

The flagship Trezor wallet built by SatoshiLabs is called the Trezor One. It is the world’s original crypto hardware wallet and has a strong reputation as far as security goes. The Trezor One features PIN protection, an in-built screen, USB connectivity, and seed phrase recovery. Over 1,350 cryptocurrencies are supported by the Trezor One and it is sold in more than 220 countries.

There is a premium version of the Trezor One called the Trezor Model T. What distinguishes the Trezor Model T from the Trezor One is its full-colour touchscreen and additional security (i.e., Shamir Backup instead of the single recovery seed backup). The Trezor Model T also supports many more cryptocurrencies than the Trezor One.

The Trezor Model T is typically triple the Trezor One’s retail price. To reduce the per-unit cost of a Model T hardware wallet, Trezor sells multi-packs. You might buy a multi-pack if you plan on gifting a couple of Model T devices or know of others wanting to buy one.

To make interfacing with your Trezor device easier, there is an app called Trezor Bridge. With Trezor Bridge, your Trezor device is able to communicate securely with supported browsers. The app itself is designed to run in the background and requires no interaction on your end. People mainly use Trezor Wallet to control their cryptocurrencies, manage their accounts and to send cryptocurrencies.