TravelbyBit is an all-in-one travel solution for those looking to pay with cryptocurrency. Read below to learn about TravelbyBit and how you can save more on TravelbyBit bookings when you go through Nugget’s News.

About TravelbyBit

TravelbyBit is an all-in-one travel solution for those looking to spend their cryptocurrency. With TravelbyBit, you can use your cryptocurrency to pay for travel services such as flights, accommodation, cruises, tours and more.

The global network of flights and hotels offered through TravelbyBit is greater than one million. When you book through TravelbyBit, you still earn rewards points from traditional airline mileage programs. On top of that, you receive rewards in bitcoin from TravelbyBit on every booking.

TravelbyBit Features

TravelbyBit lets you pay for flights and hotel accommodation with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Binance Coin, litecoin and tether. It also supports regular payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and Amex. TravelbyBit—which is a registered digital currency exchange provider—charges 1.5% on all credit and debit card payments to cover the transaction costs.

TravelbyBit also administers a customer loyalty and rewards program called ‘Crypto Rewards Program’. The program lets you earn rewards of up to 5% in bitcoin on eligible bookings. The amount of rewards you earn on a given booking will depend on which tier you belong to.

With TravelbyBit, you can also use so-called ‘Travel Credits’. Travel Credits are automatically used to redeem flight and hotel accommodation products advertised on the TravelbyBit website. One Travel Credit is equivalent to one Australian dollar. Travel Credits can be obtained through promotions, refunds and direct purchase.

As an auxiliary service, TravelbyBit also works with merchants to integrate crypto-friendly payment solutions. The team have helped many Australia-based stores be able to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. This includes various IGA supermarkets.

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TravelbyBit – Shop, Travel, Eat With Cryptocurrency

Interview featuring TravelbyBit co-founder and chief executive Caleb Yeoh. Uploaded on January 16, 2018.