Santiment is not only a go-to crypto data intelligence provider but also a hub for timely, data-driven insights and discussion on key trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. As proud supporters of Santiment, Nugget’s News is happy to tell you more about what Santiment does and how you can access discounted pricing just for being a supporter of Nugget’s News.

about santiment

Santiment is a comprehensive platform for accessing cryptocurrency data; exchanging insights and ideas; and learning the underpinnings of the crypto markets. Typical Santiment customers include crypto traders and investors; data scientists; educators; and crypto enthusiasts.

santiment features

Over the years, Santiment has built an extensive set of analytic crypto tools. This set continues to grow richer and more powerful. Sentiment enables access to these tools across its three products.

Santiment’s flagship product is Sanbase, a blockchain-enabled web app that can also be accessed on mobile. Sanbase provides financial, development, on-chain and social/sentiment data for the general crypto market plus more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies across a growing number of blockchains.

Santiment is also the developer of SanAPI, one of the most comprehensive APIs in the crypto space. With SanAPI, you get endpoint access for on-chain, social, pricing and development information on 1,000-plus cryptocurrencies.

Sangraphs is another tool made by Santiment. Unlike the above three, Sangraphs is not a standalone product. Rather, Sanbase Pro subscribers are permitted full access to Sangraphs, which houses a growing list of new and experimental dashboards.