New Brighton Capital specialises in helping crypto enthusiasts own cryptocurrencies in their self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). Keep reading to learn about New Brighton Capital and how you can take advantage of a generous discount that New Brighton Capital has made available for supporters of Nugget’s News.

About New Brighton Capital

As mentioned above, New Brighton Capital knows the ins and outs of SMSFs. From getting you set up with an SMSF to helping you be able to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through your SMSF, New Brighton Capital is professional and experienced.

The team at New Brighton Capital has been following the cryptocurrency asset class since early 2013. New Brighton Capital prides itself on being there for those who want to take responsibility for their retirement savings.

New Brighton Capital Features

For any matters related to SMSFs, New Brighton Capital will be able to look after you.

New Brighton Capital is able to handle as much or as little as you require. They are able to handle all the requirements related to SMSF compliance, tax returns, audits, enabling you to concentrate on managing your investments and building your portfolio.

In addition to their main services, New Brighton Capita is able to get you in contact with its network of advisors to provide you with expert tax planning and financial planning advice.