MiningStore is Australia’s go-to destination for all things crypto mining. When it comes to mining cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, the MiningStore team knows their stuff. Read below to learn about MiningStore and how you can save on MiningStore products when you go through Nugget’s News.

About MiningStore

MiningStore is primarily in the business of selling GPU, ASIC and FPGA mining rigs to crypto mining enthusiasts. They also offer a large variety of pre- and post-point-of-sale services. Whether it’s to do with rig customisation, configuration queries, maintenance advice or expansion planning, MiningStore can handhold you along every stage of your crypto mining journey.

The MiningStore team is guided by the following four principles: quality products; customer satisfaction; friendly, active and supportive community; and expert market research.

MiningStore Features

As stated above, MiningStore sells GPU, ASIC and FPGA mining rigs. It also sells desktop computers; computer and crypto mining accessories; as well as MiningStore merchandise.

MiningStore is also home to a community of crypto miners; cryptocurrency traders and investors; project leads; developers; and general crypto enthusiasts.

Finally, MiningStore offers several educational trading packages on aspects of the crypto industry including mining and trading.

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