Looking to accelerate your cryptocurrency technical analysis skills? Nugget’s News recommends you check out Market Mastery. Keep reading to learn about Market Mastery and how you can take advantage of discounted prices as a supporter of Nugget’s News.

About Market Mastery

Market Mastery gives you the tools to become a more effective cryptocurrency trader. Their flagship product, Market Mastery 2.0 course, is an incredibly comprehensive course with more than 20 hours of pre-recorded video footage and extensive content.

The founders of Market Mastery are crypto and blockchain fanatics who have been immersed in the space for more than 6 years. The team prides itself on supplementing its trading educational material with safe, accurate, and timely information on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Market Mastery Features

Market Mastery’s flagship product is their Market Mastery 2.0 course, a comprehensive trading course designed to give you the most in-depth trading knowledge to increase your technicial analsysis skills.

Market Mastery 2.0 is made up of 12 sessions, 3 sessions a week over 4 weeks. You start out learning about candlestick charts and basic chart formations. By the end of the course, Market Mastery is teaching you advanced margin trading and hedging strategies.

By signing up for the course you will also get access to other features such as the Market Mastery 1.0 Course, FTX sponsored course, access to custom indicators and Crypto Collective and Bear + Bull private communities.

In addition to the Market Mastery 2.0 course, the Market Mastery team provides a more hands-on educational experience through running trading boot camps across Australia.