Living Room of Satoshi

Living Room of Satoshi is among the earliest cohort of Australia-based crypto startups. Thanks to Living Room of Satoshi, Australians are able to pay their everyday bills with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in a way that is simple and secure. Keep reading to learn about Living Room of Satoshi and how Nugget’s News supporters can save when using its crypto payments platform.

About Living Room of Satoshi

Living Room of Satoshi is the provider of an online crypto payments platform that you can use to pay your Australian bills or credit cards using either BPAY or bank accounts using direct debit in Australian dollars with bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies.

Examples of bills you can pay with Living Room of Satoshi include electricity, gas, car registration and mobile phone. Tens of thousands of bills have been paid with Living Room of Satoshi since it launched in 2014.

Living Room of Satoshi Features

Living Room of Satoshi lets you pay your BPAY bills with bitcoin. Given that more than 45,000 businesses support BPAY businesses, that means you have many ways to spend your bitcoin! All you need to do is look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bill and use the BPAY Biller Code and your Customer Reference Number to pay it with bitcoin on Living Room of Satoshi.

Another feature of Living Room of Satoshi is the ability for you to top off your credit card with bitcoin. This can be done by finding the corresponding biller code and reference number—which is typically your credit card number—on your credit card statement.

You can also sell bitcoin and cash out to your Australian bank account using Living Room of Satoshi. All that is needed to do this is a BSB and account number.

Living Room of Satoshi also administers a rewards program. For every Australian dollar you spend on a bill or payment, you earn five points. Points are instantly redeemable for gifts; gadgets such as headphones, wearable technology and crypto hardware wallets; and even Australian dollars.

Finally, Living Room of Satoshi also has a webpage full of statistics on how their customers are spending bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On this page, you can view bills paid by category, day of week, hour of day, average amount, cryptocurrency and region. There is also an interactive global heatmap depicting where in the world Living Room of Satoshi customers are using the platform.