The Ledger Nano S was released in 2016. It remains one of the most popular hardware wallets and is known for its ease of use, competitive retail price and support of over 30 cryptocurrencies and all ERC-20 tokens, meaning you can manage multiple cryptocurrencies with the same hardware wallet.

On the Nano S, your private keys stay stored in a tamper-proof memory area never leaving your device. Access to your private keys on the device are protected by a PIN that needs to be physically entered on the device. The Nano S connects to your computer via a micro-USB connection. Upon setting up your device, you’ll receive a 24-word seed phrase which acts as your private key – it’s imperative that you store this 24-word seed phrase securely, as losing this could compromise the security or your access to your private keys.

The Nano S also supports the Ledger Live desktop client, which lets you manage and send your cryptocurrency relatively easily.