FTX is a crypto spot and derivatives exchange that has a rich variety of features and listed cryptocurrencies. The FTX team has been friends of Nugget’s News for many years. Continue reading to learn more about FTX and discover how you can take advantage of a generous discount FTX has made available for supporters of Nugget’s News.

About FTX

FTX is an innovative company which offers a robust crypto exchange platform of the same name. It launched in May 2019 and was incubated by one of the industry’s leading crypto liquidity providers, Alameda Research.
Whilst people can use FTX as an on- and off-ramp into the budding asset class of cryptocurrencies, the main reason people use FTX to trade its unique variety of crypto derivatives.

FTX Features

As stated, FTX is best known for its unique tradable products. These include industry-first crypto derivatives, options, volatility products and leveraged tokens. (Scroll down to watch the FTX tutorial videos on the Nugget’s News YouTube channel for a more in-depth overview of some of these tradable products.)
One example is FTX’s hash rate futures. These are futures that expire to the average bitcoin mining difficulty over a period of time—meaning they roughly represent the Bitcoin network’s total hash rate.

Sub-accounts are a feature of FTX that many find valuable. If you had two sub-accounts, for example, any trades you execute through one sub-account will have no effect on the other. Traders and investors find sub-accounts useful primarily because it lets them isolate positions, margin and access.
FTX also has a mobile app called FTX Pro. You can download FTX Pro for Android and iOS.
The FTX team is also known for running various trading competitions and events throughout the year. They typically distribute thousands of dollars worth of prizes to individuals, teams and community members—depending on the type of competition or event.

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