Reporting your taxes can be confusing at the best time. When cryptocurrencies get added to the mix, things can get even more tricky and stressful. Crypto Tax Australia is the only place Nugget’s News recommends to Australians seeking assistance with tax reporting and cryptocurrencies.

Continue reading to learn about Crypto Tax Australia and how you can take advantage of a generous discount that Crypto Tax Australia has made available for supporters of Nugget’s News.

About Crypto Tax Australia

Crypto Tax Australia specialises in providing tailored, proactive tax advice on cryptocurrencies to its client base of crypto investors and traders living in Australia.

The professional team at Crypto Tax Australia—which features Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA)—work closely with you to find the best solutions and offer practical advice on your personal circumstances.

Roughly 95% of Crypto Tax Australia’s client base consists of crypto traders, investors, miners and businesses.

Crypto Tax Australia Features

Services offered by Crypto Tax Australia can be related to any of the following: capital gains tax; calculating tax on transactions between two different cryptocurrencies; reconciliation and reconstruction of your records; crypto mining; staking and masternodes; wages received in cryptocurrency; lending and borrowing; lost or stolen cryptocurrency; margin trading and contract-for-difference trading; and estate planning.

Tax planning is one of the main services Crypto Tax Australia provides. Before a financial year ends, Crypto Tax Australia can assess your current and projected gains or losses. This allows you to take advantage of your own circumstances and the crypto market.

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Another common reason why people go to Crypto Tax Australia is for assistance with tax structuring. Crypto Tax Australia offers comprehensive structuring advice to help you compliantly minimise your tax liability. This can involve helping you determine whether you should be registered as a business, for example, or whether a company or trust structure better suits your needs.

One particularly convenient aspect of Crypto Tax Australia’s service is that it can be provided online and after-hours. That means you can talk to their consultants from the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.