Blockchain Collective

For years, Blockchain Collective has been Nugget’s News’ recommendation to those who ask about where to go to become accredited in applied blockchain.

Below, we’ll fill you in on who Blockchain Collective are and what courses they offer. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a link to Blockchain Collective’s website. By clicking that link and signing up to one of their courses, Blockchain Collective will kindly give you the best possible pricing.

About Blockchain Collective

Blockchain Collective is a blockchain education company for professionals, consultants, and educators. When a business sees that a job applicant has graduated a Blockchain Collective course, they can feel confident about their competency and suitability for the job.

The Blockchain Collective team prides itself on providing Diploma- and Advanced Diploma-level education in applied blockchain and emerging technologies. Having partnered with multiple Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Blockchain Collective is able to deliver its courses to those in Australia and abroad.

Blockchain Collective Features

With Blockchain Collective, you can study from anywhere in the world through an online learning platform with direct access to trainers and assessors.

Blockchain Collective’s 10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain is prudently designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and experience necessary to apply blockchain frameworks to new and legacy business frameworks.

As for the 10809NAT Diploma of Applied Blockchain, it has been designed by Blockchain Collective to cover the management and implementation aspects of a project that is leveraging blockchain technology.

Blockchain Collective also offers an Applied Blockchain Intensive Short Course. These courses comprise four sections: Business Model Generation; Functional Requirements Specification; Analysing System Performance; and Stewardship and Governance.

Blockchain Fundamentals Accounting Stream is another course offered by Blockchain Collective. It is designed for accountants and auditors who need to understand the implications of blockchain as well as how it affects the business process and value proposition.