Nugget’s Top 10 Guests of 2019—Did You Tune In To These?

Image of Alex Saunders with a podcast microphone

2019 was a year to remember for the Nugget’s News YouTube channel and Nugget’s News Crypto Podcast. It’s great to see that so many esteemed industry figures now look to Nugget’s News as a channel through which they can drive awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Looking back on the year in its entirety, it’s a remarkable feeling to see the sheer amount of quality guests that generously gave up their time to be on Nugget’s News. Below, Nugget’s News founder Alex Saunders shares his 10 most favourite interviews of the year.

#10 — Sam Dodson

Who is Sam? An educator, researcher, and evangelist of XRP, the cryptocurrency native to the so-called XRP Ledger.

What was discussed? The extent to which banks and financial institutions are using xRapid, xCurrent, XRP, and other RippleNet services.

#9 — Nischal Shetty

Who is Nischal? The founder and chief executive of WazirX, a prominent India-based cryptocurrency exchange recently acquired by Binance.

What was discussed? The pace of technological adoption in India, and the country’s regulatory stance on Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies in general.

#8 — Didi Taihuttu

Who is Didi? The father of ‘The Bitcoin Family’, a family of five that live a nomad lifestyle solely on bitcoin.

What was discussed? The story of Didi’s decision to sell his family’s material possessions in order to live off bitcoin.

#7 — Simon Dixon

Who is Simon? The co-founder and chief executive of BnkToTheFuture as well as the fund manager of Bitcoin Capital.

What was discussed? Bitcoin as a store of value versus medium of exchange, cryptocurrency market cycles, and security tokens.

#6 — Mark Yusko

Who is Mark? The founder, chief executive, and chief investment officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management as well as a managing partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets.

What was discussed? The endowment model of investing, early stage venture investing, risk management, and how to conceptualise investing in bitcoin and altcoins.

#5 — Steve Keen

Who is Steve? An honorary professor of economics at the University College of London and prominent critic of conventional economics.

What was discussed? The inherent flaws of the conventional economic theory that central bankers in developed economies like Australia rely on.

#4 — Raoul Pal

Who is Raoul? The co-founder and chief executive of Real Vision who lives and breathes global macro.

What was discussed? Factors influencing the state of the global economy and a number of investible asset classes—including stocks, bonds, property, and cryptocurrencies.

#3 — Andreas Antonopoulos

Who is Andreas? One of the world’s most esteemed educators, presenters, and authors on all things Bitcoin.

What was discussed? Everything you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, open blockchains, privacy, censorship, and weaknesses of extant monetary systems.

#2 — Erik Voorhees

Who is Erik? The founder and chief executive of ShapeShift and one of the earliest Bitcoin evangelists.

What was discussed? The technological, financial, social, and civil aspects of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

#1 — Tyrone Ross

Who is Tyrone? A financial advisor and trader with experience educating clients on cryptocurrency investing.

What was discussed? Portfolio composition and the hypothetical performance of bitcoin during a financial crisis.

BONUS — Gary Fettke

Who is Gary? An orthopaedic surgeon and senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania with a significant interest in nutrition.

What was discussed? The insidious incentivisation mechanisms that underpin the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Thank you to all guests who appeared on Nugget’s News throughout 2019! Looking forward to continuing the momentum into 2020.

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