Nugget’s News Weekly: Wk #5 (4th February 2019)

The Federal Reserve started back peddling this week which led stocks and gold higher. We believe this will eventually be one of the main drivers for higher prices in Bitcoin. This week saw Binance add credit card payments to further open the on-ramps for retail customers. Fidelity announced they are nearly ready to launch their investment product and custodial solution. This means we are now waiting for Bakkt, Fidelity and CBOE who refiled their submission for an ETF. So while prices remain weak, there’s still plenty happening in the crypto space!

It’s also an honour to be recognised by CZ (CEO of Binance) for our content in this bear market. Here’s a recent tweet he made about our video on the Binance (BNB) token.

Tweet from CZ Binance

– Alex Saunders


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