Nugget’s News Partners With Social Trading Giant eToro

Here at Nugget’s News, we are constantly getting swamped with messages and emails from curious folks who are screaming out for a one-stop shop to trade and invest in stocks, currencies, commodities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrencies, and indices.

And so, when we were contacted by eToro and learnt that they were a leading investing and trading platform that supports every single one of these asset classes, you could certainly say our attention was grabbed.

But just because their product was everything our valuable followers had been desperate for, it didn’t mean we were all of a sudden going to start recommending it. No, first we had to chat with eToro to learn more about their platform, their vision, and what they stand for.

Suffice to say, it didn’t take us long to realise eToro is as legitimate as they come! And so, it’s with great excitement that today we announce Nugget’s News’ partnership with eToro. As part of this ongoing partnership, eToro has generously agreed to offer Nugget’s News followers an exclusive promotion.

About Nugget’s News Latest Partner, eToro

With more than 11 million registered users, eToro is the world’s leading social trading and investing platform. Ever since it launched in 2007, eToro has been improving its users’ accessibility to—and understanding of—global markets. And they’ve just expanded to Australia, too!

What on earth is social trading and investing, you ask? Think of it as social media meets online trading and investing. Joining eToro means you belong to a global community of investors and traders of all skill levels. Within this community, you can share your strategies and opinions as well as copy other successful eToro users’ trades and strategies.

Importantly for us here at Nugget’s News, eToro is big on education and promoting financial literacy. Not only does the social trading network represent an effective way for eToro investors and traders to fast-track their knowledge, but eToro itself has uploaded a vast array of free educational content to its website. Some examples of such content are an 18-chapter guide to investing (i.e., The Complete Guide to Fintech) and a comprehensive, oft-updated blog.

Regarding spreads and fees, eToro—which is available as an easy-to-use app on iOS, Android, and any web browser—offers tight spreads across a wide range of currency pairs. The spread for the AUD/USD pair, for example, is just one basis point (i.e., one-hundredth of one per cent). Spreads are the only type of trading fee that eToro charges. For those interested in margin trading, eToro also offers multi-asset trading with up to 400x leverage.

How eToro Supports Nugget’s News Followers

As stated above, eToro has generously granted Nugget’s News supporters an exclusive arrangement to celebrate our new partnership. Specifically, if you sign up to eToro with this link, you’ll be credited an additional 10 per cent of your initial deposit.

If you—using the above link—sign up to eToro and deposit AU$500, for example, your account will be credited $50. Indeed, $550 is a whole lot nicer than $500! Note, eToro’s exclusive offer applies to initial deposits up to $100 in eToro credits.

**Only eligible for users under ASIC regulations

Free AU$100 Worth of Bitcoin (BTC)

Nugget’s News will be distributing the bitcoin in batches to those eligible.

In addition to the above-mentioned 10-per-cent deposit credit, those who sign up to eToro and complete a minimum AUD$100 trade will be sent AU$100 worth of bitcoin (BTC) to the Bitcoin address that they provide in this typeform.

For the sake of clarification, this AU$100 worth of BTC will appear in the Bitcoin address you provide in the above-linked typeform. It will not appear in your eToro account.

Nugget’s News will be distributing bitcoin to those eligible every two to three weeks.

The State of eToro for Australians

It is undeniable that eToro’s recent expansion into Australia has been exciting news for investors and traders looking for a cost-effective way to gain exposure to multiple asset classes spanning various jurisdictions.

We at Nugget’s News feel it’s important to point out, however, that all products currently listed on eToro Australia are contracts for difference (CFDs). Please be aware that when you buy or sell CFDs, you are not buying or selling the underlying asset but, rather, a derivative that derives its value from that of the underlying asset.

eToro has informed Nugget’s News that it’s currently working with Australian regulatory bodies in an effort to receive approval to list actual stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies—like it already does in various other countries.

With that said, be sure to keep an eye out for Nugget’s News’ upcoming eToro tutorial and guide. We are putting these together to help ensure you encounter no issues when signing up to, depositing into, and trading on eTrade’s popular online trading and investing platform. Stay tuned!


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