What’s Inside

Accelerate Your Learning & Understanding of Cryptocurrency

Investing Education

Develop the skills required to become a successful investor. Content includes Nugget’s personal investing rules and portfolio structure advice, dollar-cost averaging, and other investing strategies for bull and bear markets.

Trading Education

Learn proven trading strategies such as shorting, hedging, day trading, scalping, and arbitrage trading. Also, become capable of spotting key psychological triggers and chart formations like Adam and Eve, head and shoulders, engulfing candles, and more.

High Quality Community

Ask questions and receive help from our knowledgeable, diverse group of members and moderators – not to mention from Nugget himself!


Get the benefits of Nugget’s fundamental analysis insights into the crypto markets.

Exclusive Member Videos

Our members frequently discuss asset classes outside of cryptocurrency. These include commodities, gold & silver, uranium, stocks, property, and shares. Nugget often covers macro trends relevant to these asset classes in his twice-weekly member videos.

Other Asset Classes

A frequent topic of conversation in the group involves not only cryptocurrency but other asset classes such as commodoties, gold & silver, uranium , stocks, property shares etc. Nugget frequently talks about macro trends in these asset classes in his weekly member videos.

Daily Community Recaps

Our members receive a daily community recap summarising the days top content and posts. These recaps are especially valuable for those busy investors and traders to ensure they don’t miss a thing!

Exclusive Discounts

Gain access to our range of exclusive member discounts including trading courses, crypto brokers crypto tax services, self-managed super funds, gold & silver, crypto wallets + more.

Daily News & Opinion

Time poor? Stay up to date with the breaking stories thanks to Nugget’s and the community’s daily posts. Better yet, quickly gauge how important a news item really is by hearing Nugget’s informed opinion before anyone else.

Nugget’s Weekly Digest

A Weekly Written Snapshot of all the Important Crypto News, Market & Sentiment Movements, Key Dates & More.

Frequently asked questions

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No. We don’t offer trade calls or trade signals. Nugget and our experienced community of members may post trade ideas in the group for members to do their own research on, however we don’t provide entries, exits etc.

Our Facebook group is used to stream live videos for members and store our growing archive of market updates and educational videos so we strongly recommend joining our community there.  We recommend joining our communities both on Facebook and Slack to access all content.

No!  You are not locked in to a minimum period of membership.  You simply pay for the initial period when you join (a month, quarter or year) and it’s your choice whether you continue or cancel your membership online before your next renewal date.

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Nugget’s Crypto Community is run on a private Facebook group and Slack page.  After you complete checkout, we’ll be in touch by email to provide you access to our groups.  We strongly encourage you to join groups in order to access all content.

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