Monash Blockchain Technology Centre Launches

Monash website open on a laptop screen

Yet another major Australian university has upped its commitment to researching and developing blockchain—the technology upon which cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin relies—in an exciting milestone for the domestic industry.

On Tuesday evening, Monash University—one of Australia’s leading universities and ranked among the world’s top 100—launched the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre. In its news release, Monash said its eponymous blockchain technology centre “will develop secure foundations for this technology, and demonstrate the usability and practical outcomes of blockchain technology.”

Directing the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre is Associate Professor Joseph Liu, the founder of the notion of so-called linkable ring signatures; a cryptographic scheme that is core to one of the world’s leading privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies, Monero.

Liu was quoted on the launch of the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre in the university’s article. “We created the Centre to be a platform for gathering like-minded organisations and faculties across the university, such as Law, Medicine, Business and Engineering. Cross-organisational and interdisciplinary collaborations will help us apply our innovations in a wider range of contexts.”

In a show of support—something that currently appears lacking in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem at present—Director of RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub, Professor Jason Potts, passed on his “congratulations [to] Monash Blockchain Technology Centre.” In 2018, RMIT launched Australia’s first university short course on blockchain strategy.

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