Introducing Nugget’s News’ Two New Full-Time Hires

Photograph of the Nugget's News team

Nugget’s News is thrilled to announce two new full-time hires: Matt Wilemsen (Head of Research & Written Content) and Megan Steicke (Social Media Specialist). With each of their individual skill sets, Nugget’s News is as well-positioned as ever to drive value for its growing cohort of Nugget’s Crypto Community members and the cryptocurrency ecosystem more broadly.

Matt has been immersed in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem since late 2017. Over this time, he’s worked as a reporter, journalist, and newsletter editor. For the past year, in fact, Matt has been contributing to Nugget’s News at an increasing rate. To now have him working full time for Nugget’s News is very exciting, to be sure!

Matt’s resourcefulness and ever-growing industry knowledge will significantly bolster the quality of content Nugget’s News offers not only its members, but also the overall crypto community. As head of research and written content, Matt will strive to better educate Nugget’s News readers on various topics and keep them informed of need-to-know industry developments.

Megan arrives at Nugget’s News with a wealth of experience strategising for various social media accounts, executing marketing campaigns, and managing content. Nugget’s News is thrilled to have Megan—who previously has worked for several years at a social media marketing firm—join the team with such a highly valued skill set.

As social media specialist, Megan will be responsible for growing and managing Nugget’s News’ various social media profiles—including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn—and ensuring that Nugget’s News’ content remains easily accessible.

I am delighted to have Matt and Megan join Nugget’s News in a full-time capacity. When viewed separately, both their skill sets appear to be so different. But when viewed together, they are incredibly complementary. Nugget’s News will undoubtedly benefit from their ongoing contributions. Welcome to you both! – Alex Saunders (Founder, Nugget’s News)