Important Information

Before investing in cryptocurrency, you should always:

  • Conduct your own research;
  • Read the whitepaper and / or any relevant information about the cryptocurrency;
  • Make sure you understand how the cryptocurrency works and any risks associated with it;
  • Make sure you have a digital wallet or an account with an exchange that enables you to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency;
  • Consider obtaining financial, investment or professional advice;
  • Consider how a cryptocurrency investment fits into your broader investment portfolio strategy and holdings;
  • Consider your investment timeframe and its alignment with the cryptocurrency market; and
  • Consider the performance of the cryptocurrency over time and other market indicators.

Cryptocurrency is still relatively novel and it is statistically possible that many will fail. Most cryptocurrencies are unregulated, but there are some that are regulated as financial products in Australia. MoneySmart and ASIC have some useful information about this and we encourage you to visit their websites and read their content. 

From time to time, Nugget’s News and its people (including Alex Saunders) may produce content about specific cryptocurrencies, including whether market conditions favour buying, selling or holding unregulated cryptocurrencies. In preparing this content, a number of factors are taken into account, including:

  • market price;
  • product development roadmap;
  • community sentiment;
  • developer activity;
  • broader economic indicators and market performance; and
  • the portfolio management strategy and holdings of key people at Nugget’s News.

Importantly, Alex Saunders and other people at Nugget’s News may have taken profits or purchased different cryptocurrencies at various points in time. These decisions are personal and reflect their individual portfolio management strategy and holdings, which may or may not be consistent with your own. There is no one size fits all when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency and it is important that you develop your own strategy and actively managed your own portfolio. Our content may help you with this but is not a substitute for your own research, due diligence and monitoring.

In general, the more cryptocurrencies you hold, the more time and effort you must spend managing security as well as your exchange and wallet accounts. You should not invest or trade cryptocurrencies until you have done your own research and are confident that you are well across the features, risks and market opportunities. Please spend time educating yourself to avoid losing your money or being scammed.