How Nugget’s Crypto Community Members Are Staying Ahead of The Herd

Bitcoin’s 30-day volatility is tracking at levels not seen in over a year; a dream come true for traders of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Looking to profit from this much sought-after price volatility, many experienced traders within Nugget’s Crypto Community have—day in, day out—taken to sharing their trading strategies, chart readings, and price analysis.


Cultivating such an open dialogue not only helps traders re-examine and improve upon their own strategies, it also gives non-traders a glimpse into the world of technical analysis (TA). For many, this has prompted them to learn about the basics of TA—be it from the group’s devoted traders or the abundance of members-only educational videos.

Helping drive the daily TA-related discussion among members is Nugget’s News’ founder, Alex Saunders. A seasoned cryptocurrency trader and educator, Alex’s morning TA posts—which include annotated charts for members to reference—have fast become essential reading for those in the group who are waking up across the Asia-Pacific. Below are two recent examples of the TA posts Alex provides Nugget’s Crypto Community members with each day.


Hours after the above July 27 post, Alex recorded a live, five-minute video wherein he reflected on the profitable trade setup shared with members that morning. Whilst these videos are normally only for Nugget’s Crypto Community members, this particular one has been made viewable for all. Click below to watch.

Whilst this article has highlighted the sheer amount of TA-related discussion that occurs within Nugget’s Crypto Community each and every day, it’s ultimately just one area of the crypto and blockchain space you’ll see Alex and members talk about. Subjects tangential to crypto are always welcomed by members, too—especially those that relate to macroeconomics, investing, geopolitics, finance, or life in general!

To learn more about what the 1,000-plus cohort of crypto-crazed members get from being a part of the Nugget’s Crypto Community, click below.