Horizon State to Help New Zealand Community’s Voice Be Heard in Government-Funded Project

Blockchain startup Horizon State has commenced a working relationship with HLC, a New Zealand-based company that manages the development of integrated urban communities.

Horizon State – which is best known for its token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform – were recently approached by HLC in relation to a large-scale community regeneration project they are currently overseeing.

The government-funded initiative concerns eastern Porirua, an area just north of the New Zealand capital of Wellington. It aims to bolster the Porirua community by way of providing thousands of news homes; a blend of affordable market housing and public housing. The project will also, amongst other things, bring about new neighbourhood amenities as well as upgrades to existing parks and recreational reserves.

Porirua Development

As for how Horizon State will be helping its new customer in HLC, it will use the blockchain startup’s product on tablet devices whilst conducting person-to-person interviews with those residing in eastern Porirua. Collected feedback will then be finalised on Horizon State’s platform.  

Horizon State Platform

These interviews are being held in an effort to better comprehend the needs and wants of existing Porirua tenants. By HLC securely recording the thoughts and wishes of the community, Horizon State is helping to ensure the community’s voices are heard and acknowledged.

“The population of Porirua is diverse in terms of the number of distinct communities, languages, ethnic make-up and cultures – more so than most of the rest of New Zealand,”

Horizon State co-founder and chief executive Nimo Naamani told Nugget’s News.

Because of Porirua’s relatively diverse population, Naamani went on to explain, Horizon State is “expecting a very wide range of opinions and focal points.”

Horizon State co-founder and chief executive Nimo Naamani

“Landing HLC as a customer is another great achievement for Horizon State. With it, comes many firsts. It marks the first time using multiple channels and languages, the first use of the engagement piece beyond the vote, and the first subscription-based customer; a six-month horizon. The potential and exposure here is promising. We hope working with HLC leads to other exciting opportunities in time.”

– Naamani

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