EXCLUSIVE: Horizon State in high-profile trial

Australian blockchain voting platform Horizon State is working with a “well-known” German Football Club.

A company spokesperson says the club, which can’t yet be named, will be the first organisation to run commercial votes on the platform tomorrow (November 4).

“The votes represent engagement between (the club) … and its employees as an initial test,” the spokesperson said.

“This will be the first commercial engagement (for Horizon State). There have been use cases in the past (Remtech for example) but that was not as full-featured as the platform has been developed now.”

The company hopes the vote, which will happen on the Ethereum blockchain, will show other businesses and organisations the benefits of using its product.

Horizon State, which is currently unable to disclose which football club it is working with, was recently named among the Top Ten Australian cryptocurrency projects in an article by Micky.

– This exclusive article first appeared on Micky.com.au, Australia’s leading destination for cryptocurrency and blockchain news. You can read the original article here.