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Quick and easy summary of all the essential news, information, and insights.

We spend hours researching and analysing. You spend minutes digesting. Free yourself from having to painfully sift through the overwhelming amount of crypto news.

Deep dive into the biggest developments from the crypto industry.

Gain a rich understanding of the stories behind the top crypto headlines. Learn what it means for the industry moving forward. Sharpen your investment skills by gaining an informational advantage.

Thorough snapshot of the week’s top crypto and news.

A summary of each news item that shaped the crypto industry over the week. All in one place. Get informed in a matter of minutes, not hours. Put your energy into more valuable pursuits like investing or trading.

Upcoming key dates for projects and the industry.

Learn about crucial industry- and project-specific dates ahead of time. Use this knowledge to inform your decisions as an investor and trader.

Plus much, much more!

Hi, I’m Alex (Nugget) Saunders.

Founder of Nugget’s News. I help busy everyday people like yourself stay ahead of the herd and become successful investors.

I’ve been immersed in the crypto space since learning of Bitcoin in 2012. My investment decisions are informed by a unique combination of fundamental and technical analyses, as well as market sentiment indicators.

In 2017, I left my successful career as a head pharmacist to follow my passion and found Nugget’s News. In the time since, I’ve established a loyal following through my educational YouTube channel and Nugget’s Crypto Community.

Whether it’s speaking at community meetups, sitting on the board of Blockchain Australia, educating policymakers, or helping blockchain startups, I’ve grown to cherish my role as a trusted voice in Australia’s budding crypto community. .

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“I love how real Alex is. He just tells you straight exactly what you need to know about crypto and it just makes sense.

Alex is the kind of guy you wished all your teachers at university were like. He is passionate and wants to help you, and you learn what you need to know.”

Fred Schebesta

Co-Founder, Finder.com