Daily 10: Bitcoin Lightning Network Product Suite Launches, a16z-Funded Crypto Custody Provider Exits ‘Stealth Mode’

January 25, 2019









There were some scorchers across Australia on Thursday: 40°C in Melbourne, a record 46.6°C in Adelaide, and even 27°C in Hobart! Yet even these temperatures paled in comparison to the heat we saw in the crypto and blockchain space. Yes, lo and behold, the Bitcoin ETF withdrawal wasn’t the only news!


To help you stay on top of it all, I pieced together a 22-part thread. Can’t be bothered looking through the whole thing? All good. Below, I’ve put what I considered the ten most noteworthy inclusions. Enjoy!


[1] Prominent full-service blockchain technology company Bitfury Group today announced a Bitcoin Lightning Network-oriented product bundle called Lightning Peach. Consumers, merchants, developers; there’s LN-enabled solutions for all!


[2] Not sure if you heard, but the Cboe BZX Exchange withdrew a proposed rule change that would’ve allowed it to list shares of the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust, if approved. Ongoing partial U.S. government shutdown likely one of several factors that prompted the withdrawal decision. Watch below for Alex’s summary of the Bitcoin ETF withdrawal:

[3] Enterprise blockchain startup Symbiont announced the closing of a Nasdaq Ventures-led $20M Series B round! Other investors included Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy DigitalCiti and Raptor Group. Symbiont now plans to take its technology from R&D to deployment. This will involve multiple business verticals such as data management, mortgages, private equity, and syndicated loans.


[4] Burner Wallet (which is built upon technologies from POA Network, Uniswap and Ethereum) by creator Austin Griffith recapped the third iteration of user testing in as many weeks at the Cypherpunk Speakeasy. Coming along in leaps and bounds! Pay with xDai. No app install. Pop-up POS systems. The use cases this solution could inspire are mind-boggling. Perhaps the bar tab at the next Nugget’s News meetup could run through the Burner Wallet. That is, assuming the team doesn’t just pick up the tab themselves 😉


[5] After 18 months in stealth, San Francisco-based crypto custody provider Anchorage is live with its first product. They’re building the first-ever crypto-native custodian! Last year’s a16z-led $17M Series A featured AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant, entrepreneur Elad Gil, and PayPal co-founder Max Levchin.


[6] Top-tier South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb announced the listing of Metal (MTL) and APIS (APIS). Bithumb is carrying out a promotional airdrop to commemorate the listing, also.


[7] Blockchain technology firm Kadena launched its free-to-use enterprise blockchain solution (i.e., ScalableBFT: Community Edition) on Amazon’s AWS. Kadena claims to have two Fortune 100 companies in the health and insurance sectors already onboard.


[8a] Placeholder partners Chris Burniske and Joel Monegro published a detailed investment thesis on Maker (MKR/DAI), the budding Ethereum-based credit facility. Certainly worth the read for those curious about the Maker project!


[8b] If reading ain’t your thing but you still want to learn about Maker, then you’re in luck, as Wyre Payments’ Wyre Talks uploaded a great interview with Steven Becker (President & COO, Maker).


[9] The KRWb team announced the upcoming launch of KRWb, a 1:1 Korean Won-backed stablecoin! AirSwap (AST) will handle KRWb’s beta phase over the coming weeks. Multiple cryptoasset exchange listings will ensue once KRWb launches in full.


[10] CryptoKitties developer Dapper Labs unveiled v2 of the NFT License (v1 release was in June). Boy, how the ERC-721 space has evolved in 7 months! Ability to commercialize your NFT’s art up to $US100,000. Never-before-seen freedoms for users.


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