Daily Thread: Crypto Markets Dives as Industry Thrives

Daily Thread: Crypto Markets Dives as Industry Thrives

(November 20 – 21, 2018)


Author: Matt Willemsen


No matter how you look at, the third week of November has been dreadful for the cryptocurrency market. The same, however, cannot be said for developments happening within the blockchain and crypto ecosystem itself. Below is a 22-part thread I whipped up today featuring things that caught my eye over the past day or so.

Yes, while the Nouriel Roubinis of the world were refreshing the bitcoin charts with utter joy throughout Monday and Tuesday, there was a lot going on by way of ecosystem development. Below, we’ve got project launches, podcasts, blog posts, YouTube clips and more. Keep reading to get up to speed!


Crypto-native projects:


  • AdEx (ADX) welcomed Dean Eigenmann (Founder, Harbour Protocol) onboard as an advisor. The blockchain auditor and Solidity develop will provide insights vis-à-vis code review, whitepaper updates and more, according to an announcement out of AdEx.
  • AERGO’s creator Blocko announced the establishment of a collaboration with various top research institutions including the South Korea-based Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) on consensus algorithm research and validation.
  • Aragon’s (ANT) six Nest grantees shared their project’s quarterly progress reports. These teams – all of whom are improving the Aragon and/or Ethereum ecosystems – are: DAppNode, Espresso, Frame, Pando, Prysmatic Labs, and That Planning Suite.
  • Over at the DEXON Foundation, they revealed that DEXON’s DAG-based consensus algorithm was uploaded onto the International Association for Cryptologic Research’s (IACR) website.
  • Having won its recent community vote, Pick A Crypto published a research report on Australian blockchain startup Horizon State (HST).
  • Former Chinese crypto exchange Huobi Global (HT) re-established a connection to its homeland, creating a Communist Party committee via its ‘Beijing Lianhuo Information Service’ subsidiary. First known blockchain company to set up a party branch in China, per the South China Morning Post.
  • IvyKoin’s (IVY) cryptocurrency-based payments platform ivyPay is now live in Australia. The ivyPay launch comes via a partnership with HiveEx. Another means by which Aussies can use their crypto to pay bills or convert into fiat!
  • MakerDAO’s (MKR) Dai stablecoin became integrated with decentralised crypto-collectibles marketplace, OpenSea. Now, volatility-averse OpenSea users can use Dai to make offers, create listings, and buy items. Nice!
  • Polkadot (DOT) published an extensive blog post detailing the reasons it chose the WebAssembly (Wasm) virtual machine specification (as opposed to, say, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)).
  • Theta Network (THETA) parent SLIVER.tv formed a partnership with Tencent Games to launch a 24/7 live eSports channel powered by Theta rewards. Ring of Elysium players can purchase in-game items and upgrade using THETA!
  • TomoChain (TOMO) x Terra ; beyond providing one another with ongoing technical support, both will work to implement Terra’s Cross-Chain Stability Mechanism, allowing TomoChain dApp developers to easily incorporate the Terra price-stable cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.


Crypto ecosystem projects:


  • Furthering their collaboration, IBM and Columbia University launched the ‘IBM Blockchain Accelerator’ and ‘Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator’. The former will target those with more enterprise-oriented blockchain applications. For the latter, more so abstract, pre-seed projects.
  • RSK Labs parent RIF Labs launched RIF_OS, an off-chain infrastructure protocol deployed on Rootstock’s RSK Smart Contract Network (RSKSmart). It’s an all-in-one dApp development environment; helping bridge the gap between blockchain technologies and mass adoption.
  • Messari got a design overhaul as part of its Messari 2.0 upgrade. The release also saw the open data library/curator finalize the integration of its slick, mobile-optimized OnChainFX Dashboard.
  • Summa’s world-first cross-chain Dutch auction passed with flying colours! Participants placed bids on the Ethereum blockchain using bitcoin (BTC) for a chance to secure one of ten limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Miscellaneous media:


  • Crypto Writing Agency published The State of Crypto Funds, what they describe as “a data-driven report offering unparalleled insights on current investment trends from crypto funds.”
  • All it took was a handful of tweets by Kyle Samani (M.P., Multicoin Capital) to put forward a convincing argument that the “ICO party is over” meme prompted by Friday’s SEC actions is considerably delayed. Kyle believes it ain’t all bad news, though.
  • Issue #17 of Protocol Weekly was published by 8x Protocol’s Kevin Lu. In it, updates from some of the top L1 and Ethereum-based L2 protocols out. We’re talking Parity, Dharma, Loopring and more!
  • Loved the latest episode of the Penn Blockchain Podcast! In it, Andrew Ciatto speaks with software engineer Preston Van Loon (Co-Founder, Prysmatic Labs) about scalability, particularly in the context of Ethereum.
  • Another great listen came via Clay Collins’ (CEO, Nomics) Flippening The latest episode features Kevin Zhou (Head Trader, Galois Capital) who provides a behind-the-scenes look into how a high-volume crypto OTC desk operates.
  • Caitlin Long published the second of a two-part piece on Forbes exploring how “crossing the streams” from legacy to crypto will present some of the largest-ever operational challenges for the financial services sector.
  • In closing, Nuggets News’ Alex Saunders made missing his flight a very real possibility all just so he could address the crypto bloodbath with his distressed followers. Dedication!


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