Daily 10: Vitalik Buterin on ETH staking, Amazon disruptor launches, security token startup’s $13M equity round

November 26, 2018



As always, the start of this week has seen a heap of action in the crypto space. With the price of bitcoin (BTC) haemorrhaging and ether (ETH) doing all it can to remain in triple-figures, it can be difficult to remain actively interested in the news coming out of various blockchain startups and the industry as a whole.


Luckily for you, I’ve pieced together a thread covering loads of crypto- and blockchain-related events that have taken place in the start of what is the final week of November. We’ve got project launches, equity funding, and insightful comments from Ethereum’s prodigious creator. Below are ten of the thread’s most noteworthy inclusions. Enjoy!


[1] Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin took to r/Ethereum to explain in greater detail the trade-offs involved in deciding upon the minimum ether (ETH) staking requirement for prospective validators. This requirement was recently slashed from 1,500 ETH to 32 ETH, meaning a lot more validators will participate in Ethereum’s not-yet-launched proof-of-stake blockchain, Beacon Chain, than initially planned.


[2] Decentralised, commission-free eCommerce platform Public Market (PTRN) has officially launched, as has their 20-day-long ‘Holiday Bonus Rewards’ program! Disrupting the oligopolistic online marketplace sector led by Amazon, Alibaba and eBay.


[3] Pioneering decentralised derivatives protocol dYdX added a new Short ETH (sETH) token to its margin trading platform, expo. Short ETH 12/15 (2x) marks the first-ever sETH to have an initial leverage ratio of -2x.


[4] A new, well-funded player in the crypto exchange space, BHEX, is all set to launch this week. Founded by James Ju, the former VP of Technology at X Financial (NYSE: XYF) and CTO of Huobi, BHEX’s team has been building out its so-called Bluehelix technology to enable for decentralised asset clearing and custody. Will be made open source when completely developed.


[5] Fantom (FDM) partnered with Fuiou Group, one of China’s leading payment solution providers. Fantom will work to integrate its pioneering DAG-based smart contract platform to give Fuiou users access to a faster, more scalable payment service.


[6] Securitize, a San Francisco-headquartered compliance platform for issuing and managing digital securities on the blockchain, raised $12.75 million in a Blockchain Capital-led Series A equity round. After participating investors included Coinbase Ventures, Ripple’s Xpring, Global Brain Corporation, OKEx’s OK Blockchain Capital, and more.


[7] America’s seventh most populous state, Ohio, is set to become the first U.S. state to accept bitcoin for tax bills. Starting this week, Ohio businesses will be able to register with the state government to pay some taxes with BTC (via the BitPay payment processor).


[8] The first non-custodial exchange supporting the NEO and Ethereum blockchain networks, Switcheo Network (SWTH), announced the listing of 19 new ERC-20 trading pairs. Tokens include ælf (ELF), Bluzelle (BLZ), Own (CHX), Holochain (HOT), Kyber Network (KNC), and Quant (QNT).


[9] Binance Info – the information portal of leading crypto exchange Binancelaunched its Gold Label Project to “help ensure users obtain timely updates on crypto projects, as well as trustworthy, accurate, and comprehensive information.” Projects already gold-labelled include CyberMiles (CMT), Tron (TRX), former Binance LaunchPad incubatee Gifto (GTO), and Binance’s very own Binance Coin (BNB).


[10] Parisian cryptocurrency security startup Ledger opened a satellite office in New York. They’ve hired Demetrios Skalkotos to head the global business unit operations for Vault, a self-custody, multi-authorization crypto wallet management solution for the financial industry.


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