Daily 10: Tokenised U.S. stock index launches; Polkadot projects win grants

March 28th, 2019

It’s all happening in the crypto ecosystem this week! To help you stay on top of it all, I’ve put together a list of 10 news events you ought to be aware of. Enjoy!

[1] MakerDAO (MKR) shared an update on the status of Multi-Collateral Dai’s (MCD) development! The team unveiled a number of updated tools for people to interact with the MCD system. The blog post represents the first of many Kovan release updates as Maker works towards MCD’s mainnet launch. Getting close now!

[2] The Web3 Foundation announced the first round of grants they funded to develop the growing Web3 and Polkadot (DOT) ecosystems. All up, there were 10 grant recipients. Some of these relate to better user-onboarding (e.g., a Polkadot wallet, two browser extensions wallets), whilst some promote the Web3 Foundation’s values toward decentralization (e.g., an open-source scalable cluster and block explorer).

[3] UMA announced that USStocks are live on the Ethereum mainnet! USStocks are an ERC20-compliant token representing synthetic ownership of an index of the 50 largest exchange-listed U.S. stocks. These are purchasable on DDEX with @MakerDAO‘s Dai stablecoin. Yes, you can now earn exposure to an index like the S&P500 in your crypto wallet!

[4] Ledger, a leading in security and infrastructure solutions for crypto and blockchain applications, and EMURGO, Cardano’s official commercial arm, announced full integration of Cardano’s ADA token with the Ledger Nano S.

[5] Binance announced a partnership with risk management platform IdentityMind to improve its exchange’s data protection and compliance. Based in California, IdentityMind enables worldwide compliance with KYC/AML regulations.

[6] Ethereum-powered Marble announced the launch of Polaris, a trustless, on-chain price oracle for ERC20-compliant tokens built on top of Uniswap. Polaris makes a small compromise on the liveliness of the price in order to resist price manipulation.

[7] ConsenSys-backed, London-based Trustology launched an iPhone-controlled crypto vault service it claims is secure enough for financial institutions. Per CoinDesk, the app is available for download at the Apple U.K. App Store and can currently only be used to store ETH. Support for BTC and ERC20-compliant tokens are coming soon.

[8] Crypto brokerage startup Tagomi Trading LLC has obtained a BitLicense from the New York State Department of Finance (NYDFS); making them the first agency brokerage for cryptocurrencies in New York. Now, Tagomi can conduct business in the state of New York. The NYDFS also granted a traditional state money transmission license to Tagomi.

[9] 0x (ZRX) introduced 0x Mesh, a peer-to-peer communication network for sharing orders which will serve as an alternative to the Standard Relayer API. Per their blog post, this “will massively reduce the effort required to tap into the 0x networked liquidity pool and the technical work associated with maintaining a compliant endpoint.” The 0x team is planning to launch a beta version of 0x Mesh “with a handful of early participants” towards the end of 2Q19.

[10] Dash (DASHannounced they’re open-sourcing its Dash Platform software repositories, which will be complete by the end of the month. Included in this is the Distributed API (DAPI) and Drive. The Dash Core Group hopes this will spark greater inbound interest from developers, who soon will be able to inspect and learn about Dash’s codebase on their own accord.

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