Daily 10: Satellites Powered by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Launch as Former U.S. Crypto Mining Giant Closes

January 18, 2019









The crypto and blockchain ecosystem knows no days off. The past day or two has seen a heap of developments take place, and so to help you stay on top of it all, I pieced together an 24-part thread. Can’t be bothered looking through the whole thing? All good! Below, I’ve put what I considered the ten most noteworthy inclusions. Enjoy!


[1] Veil has launched! The Veil team has built an interface that makes it easy to interact with prediction markets and derivatives on Augur (REP). The new product also leverages technology from 0x (ZRX) and Ethereum (ETH). The value of REP is up ~50% in recent days. The sharp rise is likely attributable – at least partly – to Veil’s mainnet launch.


[2] Leading Bitcoin infrastructure technology provider Blockstream has launched its Blockstream Satellite API Beta. Paying via the Lightning Network testnet (i.e., for free), users can broadcast data via Blockstream’s satellite network. No Internet needed!


[3] Ethereum’s Constantinople upgrade was postponed due to a potential vulnerability discovered by blockchain security firm ChainSecurity relating to EIP1283 (i.e., cheaper gas costs for SSTORE operations). Next course of action to be explored during Friday’s core dev call.


[4] Leading crypto exchange Binance launched its EUR/GBP fiat exchange, Binance Jersey. Trading pairs at launch: BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR. €20 rewarded to the first 5,000 KYC-verified users! This was announced hours after Binance completed its sixth quarterly BNB token burn (1,623,818 BNB was burned this time round).


[5] Leading crypto custody provider, BitGo, announced a partnership with FINRA- and SEC-regulated Genesis Global Trading, allowing clients to buy and sell digital assets directly from the security of their BitGo Trust cold storage account (i.e., without having to manage keys).


[6] Crypto industry giant Coinbase has grown yet again. This time by way of San Francisco-based API data management startup Blockspring, who announced that their team is joining Coinbase. Blockspring will continue to operate as an independent company, according to their blog post.


[7] GoChain (GO) partnered with a leading automated retail technology company, PopCom, to build a GoChain-powered product range (and corresponding management tools) that would enable cannabis, pharmaceutical and alcohol retailers to automate the sale of government-regulated products. PopCom are currently conducting their own STO on California-headquartered Start Engine and are aiming to raise up to $943,000.


[8] Former major cryptocurrency mining firm Giga Watt has reportedly closed access and power to its facilities and stopped day-to-day operations. The U.S.-based company filed for bankruptcy last November. Customers have until March to withdraw from their Giga Watt-native wallets.


[9] BitMEX Research, in collaboration with TokenAnalyst, published a telling report on ICO treasury balances. One finding: the $24.2B worth of native tokens* issued to 100+ teams is now worth ~$5B (*not accounting for would-be low liquidity). Yikes!


[10] Ethereum-powered professional data exchange Dock partnered with CanYa (CAN), an open dApp ecosystem for the peer-to-peer service marketplace. The partnership allows for a seamless log-in experience and trustworthy profiles to be used in CanYa’s product suite, starting with its CanWork freelance platform!


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