Daily 10: Mainnets, The Tonight Show and Cringe-worthy Marketing

November 22, 2018



There was plenty going on in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem on Wednesday. Amazing what you come across when you stop incessantly checking the price of bitcoin and your favourite alts!


Below, I give you my ten most noteworthy titbits from the latest daily thread I pieced together. We’ve got multiple mainnet announcements, some top-notch interviews, a duet on The Tonight Show and more! Let’s get into it.


[1] Blockchain-powered data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chain, OriginTrail (TRAC), revealed that the ‘OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet’ will go live on December 7th. The team’s announcement provided a host of updates regarding their technical roadmap, also.


[2] Staying with the logistics tracking-focussed blockchain projects, TE-FOOD (TFD) signed an MoU with export trading company New Zealand Trade Centre (NZTC). They will collaborate on, amongst other things, farm-to-table traceability of various fruits exported from New Zealand to Vietnam, China and Taiwan.


[3] Two major announcements came out of Lisk (LSK). The first, the details surrounding their eight-part Lisk Development Roadmap. The second, the introduction of the Lisk Improvement Proposal (LIP). These were announced together because the LIP process lays the foundation for the development roadmap


[4] Over at Nuls (NULS), the team outlined the underlying architecture for NULS 2.0 in this 23-page report. Basically, the team is now looking to build more than just a bottom-layer blockchain infrastructure. The design overhaul will allow NULS to cater for a lot more use cases moving forward.


[5] Making her its (?) second appearance on The Tonight Show was Hanson Robotics’ human-like robot, Sophia. Together with host Jimmy Fallon, Sophia belted out a duet of Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World’s ‘Say Something’. Sophia is worked on extensively by the team at blockchain-based A.I. marketplace SingularityNET (AGI), whose co-founder and CEO, Ben Goertzel works concurrently as a chief scientist at Hanson Robotics.


[6] Ubiq (UBQ) successfully hard-forked to its own hashing algorithm, Ubqhash. Now, Ubiq is decoupled from Ethash (i.e., Ethereum’s proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm), meaning its blockchain is no longer vulnerable to 51% attacks via rental services. This marks the first time an Ethereum-based chain has forked to a different PoW mining algorithm.


[7] Nicholas Merten (aka DataDash) uploaded one helluva interview with Alex Shin (Partner & Chief Business Officer, Hashed). Many valuable insights were shared in relation to the crypto-scene in South Korea, including a recount of how the country’s citizens so quickly became obsessed with all-things cryptocurrency.


[8] Another quality interview uploaded to YouTube came by way of Nugget’s News’ very own Alex Saunders. Want to tap into a trader’s perspective on the state of the cryptocurrency markets? Then be sure to watch Alex chat to one of the most well-known traders in the space, Bitlord.


[9] The creators of Aphelion (APH) dropped this bombshell, disabling trading on its DEX effective immediately. In the announcement penned by CEO Ian Holtz, Aphelion cites “a perfect storm of bad news: new SEC rulings, disastrous market conditions, NEO tech challenges and diminishing cash flow” as the reason for the indefinite halt.


[10] Finishing on a lighter note, Hacker Noon’s Maxence Cornet took apart “one of the worst guerrilla web marketing” efforts they’d ever come across. The culprit? MetaMorph.io, a recently launched DEX whose team deployed a variety of cringe-worthy strategies to familiarise the crypto community with their project.


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