Daily 10: M&A Mondays; Breakthrough for NFT Space; Ethereum, Cardano Co-Founder Joins AI, Blockchain Startup

February 5, 2019








Was very much ‘M&A Mondays’ in the crypto ecosystem on Monday, with not one, not two, but three announcements revealing the coming together of two previously discrete projects. There was a heap of other stuff going on, too!


To help you stay on top of it all, I pieced together a 24-part thread. Can’t be bothered looking through the whole thing? All good! Below, I’ve put what I considered the 10 most noteworthy inclusions. Enjoy!


[1] Emoon, a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling ERC20– and ERC721-compliant tokens, unveiled their solution that brings English auctions (as distinct from Dutch auctions) to 0x (ZRX)!


Indeed, Emoon users can now bid for NFTs with either an ERC20- or ERC721-compliant token. Want a CryptoKitty someone is auctioning off? Bid for it with a Gods Unchained Card you no longer want, or with some Decentraland-native MANA. Don’t have either of those? Then bid with DAI! Oh, and bidders don’t even have to pay any gas fees. Why? Because the auction process is carried out off-chain.


[2] The team behind DIRT – a protocol allowing anyone to deploy a datastore on Ethereum that is openly editable – announced the release the alpha version of its DIRT developer portal. Developers can deploy a so-called Community Moderated Datastore (CMD) and store data on the Ethereum network without needing to know about Solidity or smart contract deployment!


[3] Per Cheddar, Facebook has hired most of the team behind blockchain startup Chainspace; their first major ‘acqui-hire’ in the space.


Who is Chainspace? Self-described as “a planetary scale smart contracts platform.” Domiciled in Gibraltar. Operating out of London. Worth noting, a Facebook spokesperson told Cheddar that whilst they “had hired employees from Chainspace,” Facebook “isn’t acquiring any of Chainspace’s technology.”


[4] In other M&A-related news, San Francisco-based Kraken positioned itself as the world’s first crypto spot and futures exchange by announcing the acquisition of London-based Crypto Facilities in what was a “nine-figure deal.”


[5] Finishing off this instalment of ‘M&A Mondays’ in crypto land, London-based TokenAnalyst, a provider of on-chain insights on crypto assets, announced that leading smart contract alerts and monitoring platform Reebo was joining its team.


[6] Leading compliance-focused decentralized fundraising platform Holdex announced a partnership with formal verification platform for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems, CertiK. This will allow STO issuers using the Holdex platform to access top-tier smart contract security.


[7] In a rare media appearance, Da Hongfei (Founder & CEO, NEO) spoke with well-respected crypto-focused interviewer Brad Laurie (aka BlockchainBrad) about all things NEO.

The near-eighty-minute-long interview explores Neo 3.0, the upcoming Seattle-based NEO DevCon, the distinction between Onchain and Ontology (ONT), and much more. Psst….Alex will be talking about this interview in his members-only video tonight!


[8] Travala (AVA) announced its blockchain-powered booking marketplace now accepts payments denominated in the Nano (NANO) cryptocurrency! Travala runs atop the NEO blockchain. They raised $2.6M via an ICO in April 2018.


[9] Predictive analytics firm Endor (EDR) have onboarded Charles Hoskinson (Founder & CEO, IOHK; Co-Founder, Ethereum) as senior advisor. According to a tweet shared by Endor, Charles is joining the “team to work with [them] on major new developments which are in the pipeline.”


[10] Private shares of cryptocurrency exchange operator Circle are being offered at a ~77% discount (i.e., $3.80 vs. a $16.23 per-share-valuation at the time of their Series E fundraise last May) on SharesPost, a platform allowing accredited investors to exchange privately issued shares.


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