Daily 10: Ethereum Foundation Issues $5M Grant to Parity, Leading Blockchain Suffers 51% Attack

January 8, 2019



The crypto and blockchain ecosystem knows no days off. The past day or two has seen a heap of developments take place, and so to help you stay on top of it all, I pieced together an 18-part thread. Can’t be bothered looking through the whole thing? All good! Below, I’ve put what I considered the ten most noteworthy inclusions. Enjoy!


[1] With contribution from some of the Ethereum Foundation’s devs, Matter Inc. launched a zk-SNARK-driven Plasma scaling solution on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet! Named ‘Ignis’, it is a proof-of-concept (PoC) that can allow up to 500 transactions per second (TPS).


[2] Ethereum- and Web3-focused startup Parity Technologies has received a $5M “scalability, usability and security grant” from the Ethereum Foundation! This will help Parity fund its work on Casper, sharding, light clients, dev tools, QA, audits and more.


[3] DX.Exchange officially went live today! The FIU-regulated, community-based crypto exchange platform is the first to offer tokenized shares of the world’s most recognized publicly traded companies. Their solution is made possible by NASDAQ’s market-leading matching technology.


[4] CanYa get pumped for this announcement!? Decentralized service marketplace CanWork – powered by Melbourne-headquartered CanYa (CAN)has integrated MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin! This helps ensure freelancers generate a more predictable income.


[5] Big announcement by the team from Republic Protocol (REN) – a dark pool exchange protocol for trading large volumes of cryptocurrencies – announcing the release of public Darknodes. Submit a 100,000 REN bond to the Darknode Registry and you’re good to go!


[6] Smart contract platform Ethereum Classic (ETC) experienced a 51% attack with sizeable reorgs. Ethereum Classic has advised all crypto exchanges and mining pools to up their confirmation times to 400+ blocks on ETC withdrawals and deposits. There are rumours of double spends (at the time of writing).


[7] Zerion – a project building out a trustless bank on top of 0x (ZRX), Uniswap, Kyber (KNC), Compound, Maker (MKR) and others – demonstrated the buying of MKR tokens via Uniswap and WalletConnect using the Tokenary wallet. How’s that for DeFi integration!


[8] Leading crypto security and infrastructure startup Ledger unveiled a new product: Ledger Nano X. Now, you can secure your crypto everywhere you go thanks to the combination of Bluetooth® and the Ledger Live smartphone app. Shipping starts in March. Neat!


[9] A new crypto derivatives exchange has announced its (near) arrival! CoinFLEX, the spin-off of London-based Coinfloor’s CoinfloorEX, is launching in February. They’ll offer Tether (USDT) futures, as well as physically-settled crypto futures.


[10] Rounding out the Daily 10 is this deep-dive into Bitcoin’s hashrate history (by mining pool) prepared by Coin Metrics, an open-source crypto data analytics specialist. Will be heavily referenced for years to come I’d suspect. Interesting seeing how many pools have risen to prominence across the years, only to wither away thereafter.


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