Daily 10: Bittrex Announces Binance-like Token Sale for Korean Game Data Platform; Breakthrough for Ethereum-EOS Interoperability

March 12, 2019








Another hot start to the week in the crypto space! To help you stay on top of it all, I’ve put together a 23-part thread based on news and announcements from the past 24 hours. Can’t be bothered looking through the whole thing? All good! Below, I’ve listed what I considered the ten most noteworthy inclusions. Enjoy!


[1] Bloqboard partnered with Wyre to bring secondary trading for MakerDAO CDPs! Now, Bloqboard users will now have the ability to sell and repay large Maker CDPs in an OTC trade; unlocking ETH supplied to CDPs without having to acquire DAI. Users that have a CDP with over 200,000 DAI drawn can visit Bloqboard to initiate a trade.


[2] Bancor (BNT) – a decentralized liquidity network – announced its Unified Wallet is live! Users can, for the first time ever, perform one-click conversions between Ethereum- and EOS-based tokens without giving up possession of their crypto. The wallet is built on top of BancorX.


[3] Bittrex International announced its digital asset trading platform will host the upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of XRD, the native token of South Korean blockchain-based game data platform, RAID. The ~$6M IEO will start this Friday at 10:00am (KST). 1 XRD will be offered for 10 satoshis (i.e., 0.00000010 BTC). 100 billion XRD are being minted by the Singapore-domiciled ONERAID Pte. Ltd. The amount of XRD being sold via the IEO represents 17% of this total supply (assuming the hard cap of 17 billion XRD is reached).


[4] Ground X, which is the crypto-oriented subsidiary of Kakao Corp. – the parent company of South Korean messaging app KakaoTalk – raised $90M in a private coin offering for its upcoming blockchain platform (i.e., Klaytn), according to Bloomberg. Another financing round of roughly the same sum kicks off this week.


[5] A three-way partnership between Enjin (ENJ), the SENS Research Foundation, and the Ethereum Foundation was announced earlier today. As part of this collaboration, Enjin has launched the SENS NFT Donation Store, a donation platform leveraging “the power of our blockchain tools and Ethereum-powered ERC-1155 assets to help spark a revolution in medical research paradigms and kickstart a true rejuvenation biotechnology industry,” per a blog post by Enjin.


[6] ThunderCore – a well-funded, highly skilled engineering team trying to implement and deploy a fast cryptocurrency (i.e., Thunder Token (TT)) enabled by the Thunderella paradigm – announced they “launched the pre-release mainnet of the ThunderCore blockchain” at the end of February, ahead of “the public launch [they] currently estimate to be in Q3 2019.” Their blog post contains a ton of information on network stats, access to TT, and dApp development.


[7] Amun AG, the crypto startup behind the world’s first listed crypto index project, announced the raising of a $4M seed round. The lead investor was no other than Australian Graham Tuckwell, the first person to set up an ETF tracking the price of gold. Per The Block, Amun AG plans to list an XRP ETP (AXRP) next, “with plans to list eight additional products in 2019.”


[8] Stellar (XLM) unveiled a new logo; replacing the cartoon rocket ship with a “use-case neutral” logo reflects the openness of the network and serves as a currency symbol for lumens. The brand will officially be launched alongside a redesigned stellar.org in May.


[9] Institutional staking-as-a-service provider Staked announced its partnered with BlockTower Capital to join the PlasmaChain validator pool! PlasmaChain is Loom Network’s (LOOM) high-performance DPoS sidechain that bridges multiple chains and Ethereum.


[10] Blockchain financial services company Unchained Capital announced the release of its new vault product, which uses dedicated, on-chain bitcoin multisig addresses! The Austin-based company is the first to offer this sort of product; a solution based on what they call collaborative custody.


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