Australia’s ‘Blockies’ Revealed in First-Ever Blockchain Industry Awards

The winners of the inaugural Australian Blockchain Industry Awards—colloquially dubbed the ‘Blockies’—were on Tuesday night announced by Blockchain Australia, a not-for-profit association spurring adoption and awareness of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Winning the evening’s foremost individual honour (i.e., Blockchain Leader of the Year) was Power Ledger’s Anya Nova—who took out Female Blockchain Leader of the Year, also. As for the most prestigious business award (i.e., Blockchain Business of the Year), that went to payments management platform provider Till Payments—which also won Blockchain Start-Up or Scale-Up of the Year.

The remaining ten award winners (category) from the inaugural Australian Blockchain Industry Awards were, in no particular order:

Independent Reserve (Digital Currency Exchange of the Year);

Synthetix’s Kain Warwick (Blockchain Innovator of the Year);

Finder and HiveEx’s Fred Schebesta (Blockchain Entrepreneur of the Year);

Piper Alderman’s Michael Bacina (Blockchain Policy Maker or Influencer of the Year);

ConsenSys Australia (Blockchain Advisor of the Year);

Bok Consulting’s Bok Khoo (Blockchain Community Leader of the Year);

IP Australia (Blockchain Project (Government) of the Year);

Everledger (Blockchain Project (Government) of the Year);

Bit Trade and ADCA’s Ronald Tucker (Life Fellow of Blockchain Australia);

CommBank’s Project Bond-i (Blockchain Project (Corporate) of the Year).

Announced in May, the ‘Blockies’ are an initiative spearheaded by the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA)—another Australia-based, blockchain-promoting industry body that has, as of this week, merged with Blockchain Australia—in an effort to “recognise both individuals and businesses that have played a leading role in championing the responsible of blockchain technology in Australia.”
The ‘Blockies’ gala reception was held in conjunction with the third annual APAC Blockchain Conference, a three-day-long event consisting of keynote addresses and panel discussions that feature esteemed representatives of not just the blockchain industry, but also various domestic and foreign governments.

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