Top 10 Nugget’s News Podcast Guests of 2020

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

What a year it has been, not just surrounding COVID-19, but the world of finance through the lens of Nugget’s News YouTube Channel and Nugget’s News Crypto & Finance Podcast. Alex Saunders featured some his most prominent guests yet, sharing exciting discussions about the pitfalls of the current global financial system to significant developments and highlights in the cryptocurrency world. 

Below, Nugget’s News founder Alex Saunders shares his favourite interviews of 2020.

#1 Lyn Alden 

“Bitcoin – The Trillion Dollar Path To Becoming A Global Reserve Asset”

Who is Lyn? Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. Her original career was in engineering then engineering management, practicing financial analysis on the side prior to beginning her own 

What was discussed?  Lyn’s investment strategy, the misconceptions of money, how the complicated bond, reserve and cash reserve system works, inflationary and deflationary pressures, treasury and currency markets, BTC’s halving cycle, and Lyn’s BTC investment thesis.

#2 Mike Novogratz

The Greatest Opportunity Of Our Lifetimes – Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital”

Who is Mike? Founder and CEO of the financial services and cryptocurrency investment management company, Galaxy Digital. 

What was discussed? The investment cases surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum, technology trends, psilocybin as medicine, and philanthropy.  

 #3 George Gammon

“Cracks In The System Clearly Explained with George Gammon”

Who is George? Friend to Alex Saunders, investor, and founder of his own YouTube Channel which aims to help individuals build and protect their wealth, navigating economic uncertainty surrounding traditional financial systems.   

What was discussed? A general deep dive into the financial system, exposing the cracks in the current, global financial system. 

#4 Camila Russo

“Infinite Machine – The Untold Story of Ethereum with Camila Russo”

Who is Camila? Author of ‘The Infinite Machine’ which provides the history and untold stories of Ethereum in its beginning days. She left Bloomberg to pursue her passion of cryptocurrency and has become a leading cryptocurrency journalist. 

What was discussed? The history and early days of Ethereum, her experience at Bloomberg and the importance of cryptocurrency in developing nations. 

#5 Raoul Pal

“The Largest Financial Event Of Our Lifetime Is Upon Us – Raoul Pal of Real Vision”

Who is Raoul? Co-Founder of financial media company, Real Vision and global macro investor.

What was discussed? Alex and Raoul unpack the early effects of COVID-19 on the global economy. They look at bonds, central banks, cryptocurrency and much more.

#6 Brent Johnson

“US Dollar Milkshake vs Digital Thickshake. Inflation or Deflation? Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital”

Who is Brent? CEO of Santiago Capital, registered investment advisor and creator of the ‘U.S. Dollar Milkshake’ theory. 

What was discussed? His ‘U.S. Dollar Milkshake’ theory, as well as the fragility of global markets and other currencies which has been exposed by the recent economic crisis. 

#7 Steve Keen 

“Economists Refuse To Believe Banks, Debt & Money Are Important – Professor Steve Keen”

Who is Steve? Economist and Honorary Professor at UCL in London, United Kingdom. 

What was discussed? How the current financial system is failing, as central banks are needing to bail out corporations and people as the monetary system crashes once again. 


“FEWOCiOUS – How A 17yo Created An Online Digital Art and NFT Empire”

Who is FEWOCiOUS? A young artist who creates digital and crypto art in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. 

What was discussed? The inspirations behind their artwork, different uses of art in the crypto space, the rise of NTF’s and entrepreneurship.

#9 Professor Jason Potts

“Hyper Barter & The Economics of Digital Societies with Prof. Jason Potts of RMIT”

Who is Jason? Director of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub.  

What was discussed? Economic ideologies, the history of money, the modern banking system, cryptocurrency taxation, the importance of innovation and high-frequency bartering.

#10 Simon Dixon  

“Bitcoin to the Rescue: Great Depression of the 2020s – Simon Dixon”

Who is Simon? 2011 Bitcoin investor and economist.

What is discussed? How money is created, why the debt-based monetary system may be ending, why banks, governments and central banks are changing the way they perceive money, gold’s role in sound money and how Bitcoin is changing the financial system.

Honourable Mentions

Kain Warwick

“Yield Farming, DeFi, Risks & Opportunities with Kain Warwick of Synthetix”

Who is Kain? CEO and Co-Founder of Synthetix, a platform built on Ethereum for synthetic asset assaunce.

What was discussed? Alex and Kain discuss the developments within Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem and industry boom.

Dmitry Buterin

“Shaping a Genius – Communism, Psychedelics & Startups with Dmitry Buterin”

Who is Dmitry? Father of Vitalik Buterin and creator of Ethereum.

What was discussed? Vitalik’s goal to decentralise power structures through blockchain technology, Russian life and culture, communism and socialism, psychedelics and entrepreneurship.

Alex has managed to cover a range of topics with the help of these esteemed guests, and if you would like to discover more about these topics, you can visit the Nugget’s News YouTube channel and Nugget’s News Crypto & Finance Podcast.

For example, Alex covered a number of crypto projects in 2020. Among these were TRON, VeChain, bZx, ICON, RedFOX Labs, OMG Network, WazirX, Secret Network and Axie Infinity.

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