October: Nugget’s News Monthly Business Report

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Metrics & Milestones

The highlight of October was undoubtedly our launch of Collective Shift, a platform consisting of the following two main components:

  • The Member Platform, a web platform that houses daily insights from Alex and the Nugget’s News team; exclusive research reports; and educational material.
  • The Knowledge Centre, a hub for people to learn about cryptocurrency and money for free.

Since last week’s launch, we have over 2,000 and growing active users using the platform which is fantastic to see adoption so quickly.

Industry Involvement

Throughout October, Alex appeared on several podcasts such as Real Vision, Peak Prosperity, Digital Finance Analytics (DFA), The Crypto Frontier Podcast and Ticker News. He was also selected as a Blockchain Council member for the upcoming 2020 NFT Awards.

As Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem returned to the mainstream news headlines in October, Alex was invited to share his unique insights with publications such as Stockhead.

Business Development

In addition to finalising the Member Platform launch, a major focus for October was developing a member feedback mechanism. By prioritising this, we are now able to continue improving the platform in as efficiently and responsively as possible. With our emphasis on member-driven development of the platform, it was imperative that we had this feedback mechanism working efficiently as of launch date.

To provide members with insight into what’s ahead for the Member Platform, we also released an interactive roadmap. On this roadmap, members can vote on items in the existing roadmap and/or create an item they feel would improve the Member Platform in some way.

We also re-launched the Nugget’s News website and launched the Collective Shift website.

Finally, towards the end of October, we created job postings for the following positions: Member Support Coordinator and Junior Content Creator. If you—or someone you know—is seeking a job, I encourage you to read through the job description and consider applying.

In Closing

After 10 months of development, seeing the Member Platform go live has been a thrill for the entire team. We have been encouraged by the feedback to date and are keen to continue iterating in response to member feedback.

As we enter November, the team is excited by the prospect of heading back to our Melbourne office for the first time since March. It is terrific to see Victoria’s COVID-19 case numbers at their lowest levels in months and that lockdown measures are gradually being eased.

Thanks for reading.