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October: A month of outcomes and opportunities – Nugget’s News

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Things have been super busy at Nugget’s News lately and it’s become harder to stay current on everything that’s been going on. For that reason, I’ll be sharing a monthly report to make it easier for you to follow our progress 🙂

Let’s kick things off by recapping October. The focus of the month was very much on increasing the production of digital content as well as building internal infrastructure in order to better distribute across our various social media platforms.

Metrics & Milestones

October saw the Nugget’s News Crypto Podcast notch up its 300,000th download across all audio-streaming platforms. Helping boost listenership was the fact ShapeShift—one of the oldest cryptocurrency companies in the world—included us in its list of the 10 best industry podcasts. What’s more, the podcast made it into the top 150 business podcasts on Apple’s iTunes.

Industry Involvement

Alex flew north to attend and present at the Gold & Alternate Investments Conference, Australia’s largest gold investment event. He came away from it with a number of key learnings and new business contacts.

As shown in the introductory image, Alex also took part in the Launceston leg of the Inaugural Blockchain Australia National Meetup Roadshow. Here, attendees learnt about the latest from Blockchain Australia—the board of which Alex is a member—and the domestic blockchain industry. It was also great to catch up with representatives from Independent Reserve and Mine Digital who travelled down from Sydney.

Alex was invited onto some well-known crypto podcasts in October, also. One of these was Ivan on Tech’s Good Morning Crypto and another was Crypto Finder’s The Daily Exchange

Business Development

One of the most exciting aspects of October was announcing an ongoing partnership with eToro, the world’s largest social trading and investing platform with over 11 million users. We were incredibly grateful to have eToro reach out to us and we look forward to our future collaborations. Stay tuned!

October also saw us launch a glossary of cryptocurrency terms. With the large amount of queries we get regarding definitions, the need for a glossary to direct people toward had become apparent. We’ll continue updating the glossary moving forward.

In Closing

With October now behind us, the recently expanded Nugget’s News team is preparing to navigate the festive season; a historically busy period. Improving the quality of our growing range of products and services continues to be our main focus.

Hope you enjoyed reading our inaugural monthly business report. I’ll be back in a month’s time to cover November.