Nugget’s News Launches Collective Shift

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

When I first started the Nugget’s News YouTube channel in 2017, I would never have dreamed that just a few short years later in 2020 we’d grow to have a team of 6 awesome full-time employees, 13 contractors, over 200,000 subscribers and followers and over 4000 loyal members. It’s been an unbelievable journey since discovering bitcoin in 2012 and attending bitcoin meetups with only two people in attendance!

I first started the channel simply to help my friends and family better understand the cryptocurrency space and navigate it safely. But as I produced more videos, the channel started to quickly grow to include people I’d never met before. Reflecting back on this, I have to say I was a bit taken aback to be honest but also very humbled that others were enjoying my content. 

A few short months after starting the Nugget’s News YouTube channel, I launched Nugget’s Crypto Community – a private Facebook Group where I could share my knowledge and engage with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors and traders in a forum free of the noise and scams of public groups. Membership back then was $25 a month and it was a pipedream that I might be able to grow the channel to a point where I could focus on Nugget’s News full-time.

As the bull run of 2017 exploded, it didn’t take long for Nugget’s Crypto Community to grow to over 1000 members, and I left my job as a pharmacist (little did I know the day I left my job was the top of the bull market). I quickly recruited a small team to allow me to focus on producing more content and engaging with our members. It was an incredible time in the crypto space, but it was also intense as we travelled the country conducting free local meet-ups in pubs, bowls clubs and function centres around Australia.

Alex speaking at a conference in Sydney.

As we entered a bear market in 2018, it gave myself and the team some time to breathe and an opportunity to produce more content outside of crypto which I was also deeply passionate about. We soon began to produce more content about housing, economics, precious metals, commodities and other macro financial topics.

Not long after this, it became clear that people were starting to appreciate how important it was to understand the macro environment as well so we continued to not only focus on making it easier for everyone to understand the cryptocurrency space, but we wanted to make it easier for everyone to understand the financial world we live in as well.

And that brings us to today, a day I’m incredibly excited to announce as it marks the next step for Nugget’s News journey which we’ve been working on for almost 12 months now. 

As the Nugget’s News brand has grown to feature a wider range of financial content, we decided it was time to give our cryptocurrency content it’s own special home.

So today, we’re introducing to you: Collective Shift – a platform designed to help people understand and navigate the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

There are two main components to Collective Shift:

Our exclusive Members Platform, which delivers access to daily insights from myself and the Nugget’s News team, exclusive research reports, learning resources and Nugget’s Crypto Community – where it all began.

Secondly, our free Knowledge Centre – a free online platform where anyone can learn about the basics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in an accessible and easy to understand way. 

I couldn’t be prouder of the team who have put in such a huge effort to launch our new platform today. I am completely blown away by the amount of support we have received so far to continue to fuel our mission to make it easier for everyone to understand the financial world we live in.

The Nugget’s News Team (Pre-Covid)

There’s plenty more exciting announcements to come and we’re certainly not stopping here – so I’d better get back to it, but for now you can head over to Collective Shift learn more.


Alex Saunders

Founder & CEO