Meet the Team: Nicholas Sciberras

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

In our latest ‘Meet the Team’ article, we’d like to introduce another key member of the Nugget’s News family: Nicholas Sciberras. As a research analyst at Nugget’s News, Nick helps keep Collective Shift members at the cutting edge thanks to his in-depth cryptocurrency research and analysis.

Nick studied a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, before completing a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from Melbourne University. He has dipped his toes into many industries, including working as a chef and policy researcher several years before starting his role at Nugget’s News.

He began his research journey interning for Carers Victoria. He was responsible for monitoring, reviewing and analysing government policies and collaborating with government ministers and not-for-profit organisations.

Nick utilises his professional research skills in a number of his daily responsibilities as a research analyst, including: 


How did your crypto journey begin?

My crypto journey started fairly late. I followed Bitcoin broadly, but never particularly “got it” especially with all the craziness of the 2017–18 bull run. It took me a while before I delved deeper and realised how much more there was to crypto than just Bitcoin—though that’s not to dismiss Bitcoin, as it’s truly a pioneering technology.

Once I realised smart contracts platforms could disrupt legacy systems and the way we interact, as well as create entirely new ways of doing things, I was hooked.

What attracted you to focus your research and writing skills on crypto?

The sheer amount of innovative and emerging technology happening in the crypto world is what attracted me to the space. There are so many technologies and solutions being road-tested and created before our eyes, so it’s an amazing industry to research and write about. I love how fast-moving the space is—in crypto, things move at lightspeed!

There’s so much to learn and discover. I’m incredibly excited to continue researching the space, seeing which projects succeed and which fail, as well as tracking the next steps in the evolution of crypto.

Where do you think cryptocurrencies will be in 10 years?

This is a hard one because if I’m honest with how fast crypto moves, it’s hard to imagine where crypto will be even in 1 year, let alone 10.

One thing I see playing out is cryptocurrencies and DeFi protocols being a legitimate alternative to traditional banking. It’s still so early and quite niche, as no one outside of crypto or tech really knows about it.

I also see the tokenisation of everything being almost inevitable, as we’re already seeing it today. Whether that’s the tokenisation of carbon credits to having true ownership of digital collectibles.

Nick is part of a fast-growing team here at Nugget’s News. See the whole squad on our Meet the Team page.