Meet the Team: Nathan Gurr

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

We’re thrilled to welcome Nathan Gurr to Nugget’s News as a full-time research analyst! Nathan will be sharing his unique insights and informed opinions on the Collective Shift Member Platform.

A dual Australian–U.S. citizen, Nathan has lived in California since high school and currently resides in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Accounting & Finance) and is a Certified Practising Account (CPA). His pre-crypto career spanned auditing, accounting, trade and valuations.

Nathan was introduced to crypto in 2017 when working in valuations at equity fintech startup, Carta. His interest continued growing in the years since, so much so that he started a YouTube channel and Discord community in mid-2020.

As a Nugget’s News research analyst, Nathan is focusing his efforts on a range of Collective Shift Member Platform content:

“It’s incredibly exciting to have Nathan joining the Nugget’s News research team,” said our head of research, Matt Willemsen. “He will undoubtedly help members stay on top of project developments and market trends.”

Q&A with Nathan

How’d your crypto journey start?

From 2016–2020, I was performing valuations of privately-held, venture-backed companies and my nirvana moment came when I started applying VC valuations techniques to pre-revenue crypto companies.

I saw how many talented engineers were dedicating their lives to decentralisation, including the powerful combination of CoinMarketCap (now CoinGecko), MetaMask and other decentralised exchanges. I also realised I could instantly become a VC by simply investing in the governance tokens of decentralised organisations.

What attracted you to focus your valuations skills on crypto?

The ability to invest in the equivalent of Series Seed and Series A crypto companies with my personal finances. Crypto organisations are often pre-revenue or pre-product, and their search for sustainable ‘free-cash-flows’ (or ‘free-crypto-flows’) is still ongoing, which is quite similar to many CN/SAFE or Series Seed/A privately-held companies.

Where do you think cryptocurrencies will be in 10 years?

  • Radical tokenisation of everything in society.
  • Electricity as the basis for our global monetary system, enabled by crypto.
  • Some sort of Universal Basic Income—for lack of a better term—is present and enabled through distributed ledger technologies. (Humans are inherently valuable and we all should be compensated for simply existing.)

Nathan joins a fast-growing team here at Nugget’s News. See the whole squad on our Meet the Team page.