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June: Remote hiring, remote events, remote everything – Nugget’s News

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Metrics & Milestones

For the fourth consecutive month, we welcomed a record number of new members (382) into Nugget’s Crypto Community (NCC). It’s a thrill to see so many newcomers joining in on the wide-ranging discussions that go on in the group day in, day out.

As the decentralised finance (DeFi) space continued soaring throughout June, the NCC was full of excitement. Since late last year, members have been learning about various DeFi projects through our monthly Five Fundamental Analyses (5FA) reports, which are carefully prepared by Matt, our Head of Research & Written Content, in collaboration with Alex. It’s great to see how far some of these early-stage projects previously covered in our 5FAs have developed over recent months including Kyber Network who recently announced a range of new value adding utility for their token $KNC which is has increased a whopping 1000% since providing research to our member community back in October 2019.

Industry Involvement

Across the final two days of the month, Alex participated in The Crypto Gathering, an online gathering organised by Real Vision. On the first day, he took part in a four-way panel discussion which touched on various aspects of cryptocurrency, banking, finance and economics. On the second day, he moderated a three-way discussion on all things DeFi, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Also in June, Nugget’s News participated in round six of Gitcoin Grants. We were again honoured by the generosity of those who contributed to the Monthly Ethereum News & Development Update, an ongoing series that Alex shoots with EthHub co-founder and Set Labs product marketing manager Anthony Sassano.

Alex also appeared on some other quality podcasts in June, including DataDash and The Wolf Of All Streets.

Business Development

Hiring was one area of focus in June. Having received nearly 200 applications for our new Junior Researcher & Copywriter position, the process of short-listing and interviewing—from outside the office—was a unique experience we found both challenging and rewarding.

We also added to our development team in June. There are now five full-time developers working predominantly on our Member Dashboard. The internal beta of the dashboard has just become available. Pending no major roadblocks, we plan on running a closed beta in late July.

Beyond the dashboard, in June we improved the user experience for members. Among these improvements were shooting a number of tutorial videos, updating our welcome tutorial series and publishing some updated member guides.

In Closing

As we wave goodbye to an action-packed, intense first half of 2020, myself and the team are really looking forward to sharing with you the things we’ve been super busy working on behind the scenes.