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July: New Platform Enters Testing, Member Engagement +91% – Nugget’s News

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Metrics & Milestones

July was the fifth straight month we welcomed a record number of new Nugget’s Crypto Community (NCC) members. The 807 newcomers is more than double our next-best month—which was June. The fact retention rate stayed above 95% was just as pleasing. 

With 2,685 now in the NCC as of July 31, we’re highly encouraged to see our posting guidelines being so well-adhered to. This has helped the community discussion become as diverse and high quality as ever. We’re delighted by the fact that total community engagement—which includes posts, comments and reactions—increased 91% in July.

Industry Involvement

Following the The Crypto Gathering in June, Alex hosted a panel at the Binance ‘Off the Charts!’ Virtual Conference to discuss the fast-growing DeFi realm with several crypto project founders.

Speaking of top-tier crypto exchanges, we were thrilled to see Huobi—as part of its ‘Crypto Community Spotlight’ series—publish a blog post in July profiling Alex.

Throughout the month, Alex appeared on some other top-notch podcasts, including Margin Call and To The Lifeboats.

Business Development

Hiring remained a key focus for us in July. We were wrapped to have brought on a new Junior Researcher & Copywriter as we continue on creating more public and member-only resources and content.

Our developers made major progress on our Member Platform throughout the month. It is now being beta tested by a capped number of members. We’ve been pleased with the feedback to date, particularly in the hours following the 30-minute live walkthrough myself and Alex gave all members earlier in July. We’re doing our best to launch the Member Platform in the coming weeks.

In Closing

The first month of the second half of 2020 has been one of the bigger months in my three years at Nugget’s News. That said, the team and I agreed that our ability to handle what July threw at us was much improved relative to just a few months ago. We attributed this to the recent changes we made to our internal processes to allow us to sustain this growth journey we are on. 

Our focus remains to provide our members and followers with the most valuable experience we can and continue to educate people on the basics of money, bitcoin and open finance.