February: Putting in the (co-)work – Nugget’s News

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Metrics & Milestones

Late in February, the Nugget’s News YouTube channel’s subscriber count ticked over 70,000. This was particularly pleasing, as it was only on November 11, 2019, when the channel hit the 60,000-mark.

As the below graph reveals, monthly views have returned to 2019 highs (i.e., roughly when Facebook announced the Libra stablecoin). Seeing this metric at fresh all-time highs would be fantastic. We’re doing our best to make it happen!

One type of video that performed strongly in February was Alex’s weekly market updates. In particular, his final one for the month gained the most views of any weekly market update to date with 16,000 views.

From a product standpoint, our biggest milestone in February was undoubtedly the launch of the Resource Hub. Getting the Resource Hub up and running required a great deal of work from various team members such as our head of research, graphic designer, and web developers. The feedback on the hub has been pleasing so far with over 6,100 visits in a bit over a week. I’m really excited to work with the team to add more resources throughout 2020 and beyond.

Industry Involvement

We launched three CoinSpot Bundles in collaboration with CoinSpot, a popular crypto exchange provider based in Australia. The bundles were developed to make gaining exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies a lot simpler. (Click through to view Nugget’s 10 Bundle; Nugget’s Ethereum & DeFi Bundle; and Nugget’s Ethereum, Tech & Gaming Bundle.)

Business Development

Entering February, a big focus that we had identified was to increase our capacity for customer support. This rocketed to the top of the priority list by the second week of the month, when bitcoin rallied above US$10,000. (Turns out on-boarding 80 new members in just two days takes away from your other work!)

To that end, we hired two new part-time customer support staff in mid-February. They attended an induction day and, along with other Nugget’s News staff, were trained on how to on-board new Nugget’s Crypto Community members.

Initially, my plan was to return to Tasmania at the start of March. However, we enjoyed the co-working environment so much that I decided to make the move to Melbourne and extend the office lease!

In Closing

Nugget’s News is actively working on new ways to deliver value to members as well as the general public. I’m enjoying the challenge of managing the growing number of moving parts and operationalising our internal processes to make things run as smoothly as possible as we continue to grow the team.

Now that part of the team is bunkering down in the Melbourne co-working space for a while longer, we’re excited to get a more efficient workspace set up so that we can give ourselves the best possible chance to deliver on our March goals.