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December: Not your average Christmas Day – Nugget’s News

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Metrics & Milestones

Right before 2019 came to a close, the YouTube channel’s subscriber count surpassed 65,000. Making this milestone particularly encouraging was the fact it was only in early November when we celebrated our 60,000th subscriber.

Industry Involvement

In addition to running our own Christmas competition throughout December, we put our support behind one organised by TravelbyBit by pledging three annual subscriptions to Nugget’s Weekly Digest.

On Christmas Day, Nugget’s News was one of dozens of crypto-focused YouTube content creators to learn that their channel had been penalised for alleged policy violation. In our case, we had some 250 videos removed from our channel—which suffered both a warning and strike within a matter of hours, all without receiving communication from YouTube.

As one of the more prominent content creators involved in YouTube’s so-called ‘crypto purge’, Nugget’s News founder Alex Saunders was quoted by a number of well-known mainstream news sites covering the story, including the BBC and Yahoo! Finance.

The matter has since been resolved, with YouTube admitting fault and revoking our penalties. We would again like to thank the community for rallying behind all those affected.

Business Development

We announced in December the teaming up with MiningStore, the largest provider of cryptocurrency mining solutions in Australia. As part of our deal, MiningStore has generously agreed to look after followers of Nugget’s News by giving them a $100 discount on FPGA miners.

In further collaboration with MiningStore, we launched a new monthly segment on our YouTube channel that covers all things cryptocurrency mining. For the inaugural update from Alex and MiningStore co-founder Will Wright, click here.

In Closing

The final month of 2019 was not without its challenges, to be sure. Given the sudden, frantic nature the ‘crypto purge’—not to mention the timing of it (i.e., Christmas Day!)—it was pleasing to see our recently expanded team make themselves available to help ensure the situation was handled as pragmatically as possible.

Now that it’s over, the Nugget’s News team are super excited to give 2020 our all!