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Disclosure of Nugget’s News Employee Cryptocurrency Holdings

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

Being a trusted source in the cryptocurrency space is imperative to our mission at Nugget’s News. As our platform grows and attracts greater attention from the public, it is more important than ever that we maintain a high level of transparency to both the public and our members.

This has led us to our decision to disclose each of our employee’s cryptocurrency holdings in order to remain honest and objective as we continue to provide content and educational material across our platforms.

Our Nugget’s News Trust & Transparency page contains a list of all full-time employees who have cryptocurrency holdings in accordance with our disclosure policy.

Our Policy

Consistent with our mission of being a trusted source in an untrustworthy space, all full-time employees at Nugget’s News adhere to a material cryptocurrency holdings disclosure policy. Our threshold for what constitutes a material investment in a given cryptocurrency is A$2,000. The below table—updated quarterly—is accurate as of Mar. 26, 2021. Head to our Cryptocurrency Holdings Disclosure Policy for more.

Screenshot of holdings as at Mar. 26, 2021