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April: Surpassing Previous Bull Market Peak – Nugget’s News

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Nugget's News

Nugget's News

A monster month for Nugget’s News in April, with Bitcoin rallying 140% over the past two months, we’ve seen considerable growth in all areas of the business—enough to break our previous all-time-high member count from January 2018.

Metrics & Milestones

It was a thrill to see the Nugget’s News Crypto & Finance Podcast reach the top 20 in Apple Podcasts’ business category.

Turning from the audio realm to the visual, it was encouraging to see Alex’s weekly market update videos continue to attract a larger viewership. In particular, the April 5 instalment topped 27,000 total views—the most of any weekly market update to date.

From a Nugget’s Crypto Community (NCC) standpoint, the team celebrated after our active member count surpassed the previous record which was reached all the way back at the height of the December 2017 crypto bull run. Back then we decided to cap the group; a disappointing outcome for our 5,000-plus-strong waiting list. Today, our capacity to on-board members is pleasingly the least resource-intensive it has ever been with a vastly increased quality of service for our members.

Industry Involvement

It was exciting to participate in round five of Gitcoin Grants by creating a grant page for the Monthly Ethereum News & Development Updates that Alex shoots with EthHub co-founder and Set Labs product marketing manager Anthony Sassano. (For more on how Gitcoin Grants works, I recommend reading Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin’s April 30 retrospective.)

During the round, we were honoured to learn that Marketing DAO—a group of 50-plus marketers, designers, and communications professionals dedicated to growing Ethereum as a brand—had selected Nugget’s News as one of the 10 projects to contribute 80 DAI to.

We were also wrapped to learn that Business Insider Australia included Nugget’s News Crypto & Finance Podcast in its list of 12 finance- and investing-centric podcasts. Recognition like this helps us reach non-crypto-specific audiences.

Business Development

The Nugget’s News team continued to grow throughout April. Given the ongoing remote work environment, the hiring and training process has admittedly been more difficult than if it was conducted in a physical workspace. That said, a number of cloud-based software applications have made the process far more feasible than otherwise.

Among the hires were a trio of content creators who are responsible for fleshing out our Resource Hub with resources on cryptocurrency, economics, finance, and everything in between.

Also, just as we did in March, we continued adding to our customer support team to help cater for the increasing volumes of members sign-ups and enquiries we have experienced in recent months.

In Closing

Amid these highly uncertain times, it is important the team remains nimble and adaptable. So far, we have successfully managed to overcome short-term obstacles. However, there is every chance this period of uncertainty will continue for many, many months.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that we do not become complacent. As a team, we are continuing to regularly check in to help each other navigate these uncharted waters.